Metal tube flow meter when installation should consider the factors including what aspects

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-07
Metal tube rotameter is also called the tube flow meter, it is used more widely, commonly used for measuring the medium and small flow and micro flow, measured medium is commonly, viscosity is clean, not easy crystallization and solidification of liquid and gas, steam, require medium velocity change slowly. Instrument is installed correctly or not is the fundamental guarantee the stability of instrument to the follow-up work, the right of the instrument installation test is an important indicator instrument installation and technical personnel, for will encounter all sorts of influencing factors in the installation, in this paper, the metal tube flowmeter in when installation should pay attention to the following factors make an introduction to friends. For the most part a, instrument installation direction flow meter must be installed vertically on the no vibration of the pipeline, should not have obvious tilt, fluid flow through the instrument from bottom to top. Figure 6 for pipe connection example, equipped with a bypass piping so as not to block the maintenance. The center line of the flow meter and the plumb line, generally no more than 5 degree Angle between the high accuracy ( 1. Level 5 or above) Instrument & theta; ≤ 20° 。 If & theta; =12° Will generate additional error 1%. Instrument no strict length of straight pipe upstream requirements, but also have manufacturing requirements ( 2 - 5) D the length of necessity is not, in fact. Second, for the installation of the dirty fluid should be in the upstream filter instrument. Metal tube with magnetic coupling flow meter is used for fluid may contain ferromagnetic impurities, magnetic filters should be installed in front of the instrument. To maintain the cleanness of float and cone tube, especially the small instrument, float clean degree significantly affect the measured values. 6 mm glass float flowmeter, for example, in the laboratory measurement appears clean water, flow rate of 2. 5 l/h, 24 h after operation, traffic increase value for a few percent, float to the surface from macroscopic observation out foreign body, wiped out float with gauze, that is to restore the original flow value. When necessary, can be shown in figure 7 set flush piping, wash regularly. Three, the installation of pulsating flow pulsating flow itself, such as plans to install instrument position reciprocating pump or upstream of the regulator, or downstream has large load change, should be remedial change measuring position or in the pipeline system improvement, such as buffer tank; Oscillations if the instrument itself, such as when measuring the gas pressure is too low, upstream of the valve is not fully open, downstream of the regulator is not installed in instrument such as reason, should be targeted to improve overcome, or re-election with damping device instrument. Four, expand the scope of the installation of wide flow range of degrees, if the measurement requirements range of more than 10, often using more than two different flow range of glass tube flow meter in parallel, according to the measured choose one or more instrument series, small flow when reading the flow value range finder, large traffic flow meter said value, series method than the parallel method is simple, do not need to frequently open/close the valve, but the pressure loss is big. Can also be two different shape is put inside a meter and weight of the float, small flow frivolous son reading, heavy float float to the top after reading, range can be extended to 50 - 100. Five, to do the liquid with the instrument gas import and export is not in a straight line within the Angle of the metal flow meter, used for the liquid note gaiden float displacement of extended casing residual air, must be the row; If the liquid contains tiny bubbles flow easy to accumulate in the casing, exhaust your more regularly. That are more important for small instrument, otherwise affect flow value significantly. Six, flow value, make necessary conversion without according to the use of the density, viscosity and other medium parameters to the factory customized instrument, liquid instrument calibration flow with water, often gas meter with air calibration, fixed value in engineering standard state. Conditions of use of fluid density, gas pressure, temperature and calibration are inconsistent, to do the necessary conversion. Conversion formula and method of each factory have detailed operating instructions. Seven, float flowmeter calibration and liquid flow meter calibration and calibration standard table is commonly used method, volumetric method and weighing method; Gas commonly used method of bell, small flow with soap film method. Some domestic manufacturers of commodities have do dry calibration, namely control taper pipe size and float weight size, indirectly determine the flow value, to reduce costs, to sit real flow only for high precision instrument calibration. Domestic and some factory strictly controls the tapered tube starting point diameter, taper and float size, solid flow calibration is only check the conical tube surface quality. Instrument of this kind of factory production, tapered tube and float has swaps, no complete replacement. Flow meter with a standard table method validation is an efficient method, the manufacturing and application. Some of the factory will be a flow range standard table into several smaller taper glass tube flow meter, extended standard gauge rod length, improve the precision of standard table, make the calibration and calibration achieve high accuracy high efficiency. Metal pipe flow meter is suitable for small diameter and low velocity medium flow measurement; Reliable operation, small amount of maintenance, long service life; Straight pipe for the request is not high; A wide flow than 10:1. Double line large LCD display, optional site, according to the instantaneous/cumulative flow can take backlit uniaxial sensitive indicator; Non-contact magnetic coupling transmission; All metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive medium; Can be used for flammable, explosive or dangerous situation; Optional two wire, batteries, communication power supply way; Multiple parameter calibration function; With data recovery, data backup and power-fail protection function. ( In this paper by embellish instrument finishing)
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