Metal tube flow meter measuring seven points of the liquid and gas

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-31
Metal hose float flowmeter nickname rotameter metal materials, its application is widespread, is often used to accurately measure the micro, small traffic and traffic, accurate measurement material are usually clean, not easy the crystals, and not much condensation, viscosity of liquid and gas, steam, specified material flow change slowly. Dashboard installation is appropriate to ensure the dashboard can events smooth nature in the work, can guarantee the dashboard installed properly is to hone a dashboard key indexes of professional and technical personnel for the installation will encounter all sorts of harmful elements, the metal hose is the main flow meter when installation should pay attention to the following several aspects of elements make a detailed introduction to friends. , the dashboard installation is a most flow meter must be installed vertically on the road at the pipe of no vibration, without a significant skew, fluid mechanics by go up and down through the dashboard. Said become pipeline connection instance, equipped with a bypass piping to facilitate continuous flow to carry out the maintenance. Flow meter between the axis and the vertical Angle is usually not more than 5 degrees, high precision, 1. Level 6 or so) The dashboard & theta; ≤ 20° 。 If & theta; =12° Can cause additional 1% deviation. Dashboard without severe upstream and downstream over distance, but it's also a factory regulations, 2 - 5) D the length, in fact significance is not big. Second, to the installation of the dirty fluid mechanics should be in the dashboard filtering device with upstream and downstream. Containing with magnetic coupling of the metal hose to float flowmeter will contain ferromagnetic material residue fluid mechanics, and should be in before the dashboard magnetic filtration unit. To maintain and taper pipe cleaning, oil level sensor is very caliber dashboard, oil level sensor clean level significantly harm precise measurements. Such as 6 mm laminated glass flow meter, accurate measurement in the lab looks clean water, total flow of 2. 3 l/h, after operation 24 h, total flow range improve a few percent, oil level sensor surface from concept of the human eye can't find out the dirt, remove the oil level sensor swab with sand cloth, the repair of the original total flow range. When necessary can be shown as shown in figure 7 icon set cleaning tube, perform cleaning regularly. Three liquidity, the installation of pulsating flow pulsation, such as fitting of panel parts have reciprocating pump or regulating valve upstream and downstream, or in the middle and lower reaches high load change, such as a precise measurement parts should be replaced or in a piping system software to save to improve, such as modified buffer tank; If the oscillation of the dashboard itself, such as precise measurement when air pressure is too low, the dashboard upstream and downstream of gate is not open all, regulating valve is not in the middle and lower reaches of the dashboard, such as purpose should be improved to get rid of, or the vibration equipment to use the dashboard. Four, expand the scope of installation if accurate measurement regulation of degrees wide traffic category, category of more than 12, often choose two different category of traffic around glass tube flow meter in series, in accordance with the accurate measurement of their each string, or a few dashboard little traffic load under the category of traffic dashboard range, large traffic loading large flow meter range, string method than in actual operation Jane series method, need not often open/close the valve, but job stress damage. Can also be put in each dashboard two different appearance and net weight of the oil level sensor, little traffic frivolous son read value, the oil level sensor to the top after heavy oil level sensor readings, category degree of expansion to 60 150. Five, emptying liquid with gas import and export trade has no parallel in the dashboard Angle flow meter metal materials, to pay attention to when liquid gaiden oil level sensor offset is the stretch of waterproof casing residual gas, be sure to empty; If the liquid contains tiny bubbles when liquidity is very easy to accumulate in the waterproof casing, should execute exhaust regularly. Actually is very important to caliber dashboard, or harm to traffic range significantly. Six, total flow values as necessary calculation without main parameters according to the application of relative density, viscosity and other substances to factory professional custom dashboard, liquid calibration with dashboard general with water traffic, gas dashboard with gas calibration, time constant of the standard state of the project. Application standard of fluid density, air pressure, temperature and calibration is not at the same time, to do the necessary calculations. Conversion formula and the way the factory manual is often described in detail. Seven, float flowmeter calibration and calibration of flow meter and calibration of liquid common standard table method, volumetric method and weighing method; Bell gas common method, the small total flow with soap film method. Some factories overseas commodity has pledged to do calibration, namely the manipulation of the tapered tube net weight specifications specifications and oil level sensor, clear traffic value indirectly, to control the cost, only do real flow calibration of high precision instrument panel. China has some factory strict controls of tapered tube load-point nominal diameter and taper and its specifications oil level sensor, solid flow check with only examine the conical tube process performance. This factory production's dashboard, taper pipe and oil level sensor has been made into exchange, without changing a complete sets of equipment. Float flowmeter selection standard table method to check is the way of high efficiency and the production and use.
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