Measuring the selection of high temperature steam pressure transmitter should pay attention to what

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-21
Steam pressure sensor's main problem is the impact of temperature on the steam pressure sensor. If the pressure sensors work in high temperature environment for a long time, do not take protective measures, will blow out circuit, components, sealing ring, and the movement of the motherboard. In general, pressure sensor calibration two temperature range, the working temperature range and temperature compensation scope. Normal operating temperature range is refers to the steam pressure sensor in the working state of temperature range when the damage of the range of temperature compensation, may reach its application performance indicators, namely zero drift; It may affect the whole range of output. Therefore, when selecting pressure sensor to measure the high temperature steam, high temperature protection measures must be taken. Steam pressure sensor has a variety of high temperature protection measures, must first to deal with pressure sensor, do a good job, high temperature compensation method in the selection of high temperature and pressure transmitter is introduced as follows. 1, used in the structure of high temperature steam pressure transducer calibration if pressure sensor measuring medium temperature between 80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃, only in the joint of steam pressure sensor and apply pressure with a dedicated radiator, can be appropriate to reduce the temperature, medium after cooling can be directly contact with the pressure sensor is next to the radiator. When the temperature reaches 400 ℃, if the measured medium temperature over 100 ℃, can be installed in the pressure mouth a cooling ring, and then add a radiator, and the media on the radiator cooling ring cooling after approved direct contact with the pressure sensor when the temperature is very low. When the temperature is too high, the pressure vessel can be extended and connected to the pressure sensor, also can increase the capillary and installation of radiator, to achieve the effect of cooling medium. 2, can be used high temperature high temperature pressure transmitter, sapphire is composed of single crystal dielectric components, without delay, fatigue and creep; Sapphire has good elasticity and insulating properties, Within 200 ℃) , is not sensitive to temperature changes and even under the condition of high temperature also has a very good job characteristics; Sapphire has a strong ability to resist radiation; In addition, silicon semiconductor sensitive elements, sapphire is not p - N drift, so it can be used in all kinds of complex environment of high temperature. 3, can be substituted for high temperature and pressure transmitter, but steam pressure must be greater than 3 mpa. High temperature melt pressure sensor is applicable to chemical fiber, plastics, rubber, petrochemical and other high temperature fluid pressure of high temperature melt pressure measurement and control. Nanjing Isaiah ford steam pressure sensor using imported raw materials and key components manufacturing. The product has stable operation, reliable performance, high precision, good dynamic performance, the advantages of high temperature drift is small.
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