Magnetostrictive liquid level meter measuring principle and structure

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-18
Magnetostrictive liquid level meter is by the probe, circuit unit, float of three parts. Output optional 4 - 20 ma + HART, remotely adjust zero and range. Also can through the casing inside three buttons and LCD parameters adjustment. Configuration parameters including units, display on the floor, damping, translational correction, calibration on floor, d/a fine-tuning calibration and restore the factory setting. Interchange form spiral magnetic field. Waveguide produces tension pulse wave, and at a fixed speed ( About 2830 m/s) Up and down along the waveguide to spread. Because of the waveguide in tension pulse wave travels to the up and down, waveguide expansion will & other; Carry & throughout; Spiral magnetic field of the axial component along the waveguide axial movement, return the tension of pulse magnetic field on detecting coil voltage pulse is induced, which returns the pulse. By measuring the pulse current interrogation pulse and return to the q of the time to determine the measured liquid level. And tension along the direction of current flow downward pulse wave, attenuation by damper, to ensure that won't produce reflection at the end of the waveguide. Interfere with the normal & other Returns the pulse & throughout; 。 By measuring the time interval between the two pulses can be very short. Thus can obtain high precision ( General resolution is less than 1 mm) , low repeatability ( General repeatability is less than or equal to the full range of 0. 002%) Wide range ( Up to 30 m) Such good performance. Can measure liquid level. Sensor deficiency is have bigger blind area, on the general education area is less than or equal to 80 mm, the blind area is less than or equal to 10 mm. The application of magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is suitable for high precision requirement of clean liquid level measurement, precision of 1 mm, the latest product has been precision can reach 0. 1 mm, magnetostrictive liquid level meter can also be applied to the boundary between two different liquid level measurement. Explosion-proof design, suitable for dangerous situations, intelligent electronic circuit design can calculate the volume; The only moving parts to float, low maintenance cost. Widely used in petroleum, chemical raw materials storage, industrial process, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, the terminal and gas station underground inventory and other various kinds of tank liquid level industrial measurement and control, water level of dam, reservoir water level monitoring and sewage treatment and so on. Magnetostrictive liquidometer related technical parameters & middot; Measuring range: 50 mm - 6000毫米( Rigid rod) 500mm- 12000mm( Flexible pole) · The output signal: 4 - 20mA、4- 20马+哈特,RS485· Two wire & middot; 24 VDC power supply: Accuracy: & plusmn; 0. 1 mm or & plusmn; 1毫米。 Ambient temperature: - 25℃~+55℃; - 40℃~+85℃; - 50℃~ + 125℃压力; Explosion-proof grade: Exia llBT4 / T5 / T6Ga & middot; Installation method: thread or the flange ( Custom) · The scene shows: optional & middot; Rod material: stainless steel (304 Optional) · Qualification: shielding cable connection, core air connector, terminal connection & middot; The shell material: die-casting aluminum box or stainless steel casing & middot; Protection grade: IP65 nowadays, instrument is widely used in our life, and the use of the instrument in our life play a very important role, of course, these are inseparable from the development of science and technology in our country. Magnetostrictive liquid level meter, as a kind of liquid level meter has a superior performance, service life is long, so it was very popular among people and welcome. With the continuous development of society, instrument applied more and more widely in our life, there are many kinds of instrument, liquid level gauge used as one in many areas have believe you to look at the small make up after the article to the principle of magnetostrictive liquidometer also had certain understanding, but we use also should pay attention to use at ordinary times, do not damage the products together. In addition, the service life of the instrument products have certain, although the magnetostrictive liquidometer service life is long, but we still need to maintenance and maintenance.
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