Magneto telescopic liquid level meter is a kind of what kind of level gauge?

by:KAIDI     2021-02-16
Magnetostrictive refers to the change in the direction of magnetization in ferromagnetics will cause the change of the lattice spacing of medium, so as to make the ferromagnetic properties of the length and the volume change phenomenon. Magneto telescopic level gauge is designed and manufactured on the basis of the principle of magnetostrictive liquid level meter, it is driven by magnetic float high precision, high resolution transmitter. Principle of liquid level gauge the basic principle of the instrument and meter plant magneto telescopic level gauge as shown in the figure below. Its structure is divided into three parts: the floating ball, transmitter, and is equipped with magnetic line of stainless steel tube measurement. After the transmitter power, pulse transmitter and receiver to start working, the sender time ask bottom to send low current pulse signal, the pulse and its magnetic field along the line of magnetostrictive run down, when the pulse signal of the magnetic field and magnetic field within the floating ball meet, torsion stress pulse, the torsional stress pulse to the magnetic on both ends of the wire transfer. Downward transmission of the torsional stress pulse absorbed by damping, is upward transmission of the torsional stress pulse receiver and detected. According to issue enquiry pulse to receive back from the torsional stress in pulse time, the liquid level height can be calculated into 4 ~ 20 ma output signal. Liquid level meter features advantages: magnetostrictive liquid level meter only moving parts to float, maintenance is extremely low, reducing maintenance costs; High precision, and some of the cutting-edge product has been precision can reach 0. 1毫米; Extremely high resolution, can achieve the micron grade; Can simultaneously measure the overall level and liquid level interface, can be applied to the boundary between two different liquid level measurement; Good safety, magneto telescopic liquidometer explosion-proof performance is high, the explosion-proof, use safety, especially suitable for measurement of liquid chemical raw materials and flammable liquids. Weakness: the anti-interference ability of slightly ( Generally not recommended for use in power plants and places of strong electromagnetic radiation) ; Measuring principle causes must be contact measurement; Direct contact with the medium, the floating ball seal to strict, do not apply to the pressure, and the, corrosive, toxic, high viscosity liquid measurement. Application note 'kaidi instrument equipment factory' 1, due to factors such as measurement principle, when magnetic telescopic liquidometer in strong magnetic field interference environment, can make the float by magnetic force superposition led to the demagnetization. Therefore, when installation should be far away from strong electromagnetic environment, such as high voltage motor, blower, centrifuge, mixer, frequency converter, such as drying bed, need to stop, start, place, and the equipment should be to do a good job of earth shield. At the same time, the magneto telescopic liquidometer signal lines should be far away from the high voltage power line, and make the signal shielding layer is in good grounding condition. 2, electrostatic discharge interferes with the measurement of magnetic telescopic level gauge, when used with level gauge shall be installed to make good grounding equipment. 3, in order to avoid radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation, need to consider in the design of wireless meter source location, ensure at least more than 2 m distance. 4, for the controllable surge shock interference, usually on the scene side surge protector, lightning protection, protection of circuit board. Inhibition of elements in the surge protector, Varistor MOV) Is the manner in which the loss itself to eliminate impulse current ( Fever, melting) , against the impact of high current. So that it can be very good to protect the security of the magneto telescopic level gauge of ontology. 5, most of the power frequency magnetic field generated by the pump power frequency, installing a magneto telescopic level gauge should be far away from the machine pump power frequency. 6, if the medium temperature change is too big, magneto telescopic level gauge should not be used as level measuring instrument. But, as long as meet changes every 10 ℃, the output value change the condition of less than 2 mm, medium temperature cumulative error produced by general within the measuring error scope. 7, when used in vibration environment, also affect the accuracy of liquid level meter installed under the working conditions of the vibration of the best.
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