Magnetic level gauge turning the sewage treatment plant of greatly improve production efficiency

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-05
Urban sewage is the world is now focusing on environmental protection topic, a total of more than 60, one hundred million people around the world, each person need to use water every day, all in the production of the large amounts of sewage water, waste ground in clean cities, is of the ten thousand tons of waste water in waiting for processing. For China's rapid economic development, urban sewage processing ability more reflect a energy conservation and emissions reduction efficiency of cities and regions, and the living level of the national economy an important indicator. In the production of sewage treatment plant, for liquid level measurement is a very important measurement data, the current can be used in sewage treatment plant of level measurement instrument type is many, on the visual display of the magnetic level gauge, turning using the ultrasonic reflection principle of ultrasonic liquid level meter, the non-contact measurement by radar wave radar level gauge, such as input type cable type liquid level transmitter has again in applications. Magnetic level gauge turning as a simple structure, easy installation, intuitive, easy to maintain a lot of advantage of liquid level meter reading, in the city has played a very important role in wastewater treatment, it is according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, the level lower float in liquid under the action of buoyancy lift, through the connecting rod drives the level gauge tube body of magnetic steel is lifting, magnetic steel by magnetic coupling to a magnetic column indicator, drive turned red, white double column 180 & deg; Column, when the liquid level rises from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column indicator of red and white border for container inside the actual height of the liquid level, so as to realize level clear instructions. In sewage contains many harmful ingredients, not suitable for contact with manual for operation, under such circumstances, how to transfer, eliminate sewage, how to grasp the actual situation of sewage has become a difficult problem, we in practical measurement by adding magnetic flap with level gauge far transmission of data, to achieve the transmitter by adding up and down limit alarm of liquid level automatic control can be realized. The flexibility to handle the liquid sewage depth and hydraulic conditions, and can be calculated accordingly about capacity of sewage, differentiation and metastasis through data, after the command input, transmitter via electromagnetic waves to change fluid in the hydraulic, prompting liquid active in transmission, reached the target of safety, environmental protection sewage. Somewhere below we can brake east sewage treatment plant the installation of a typical case, clearly illustrates the application of magnetic flap liquid level meter in the sewage treatment effect: ( 1) Grid operation control. Coarse grid and fine grid installed one magnetic flap liquid level gauge, liquid level difference before and after to reflect through gratings congestion degree, and transmitted to the PLC controller, analysis and calculation. When the liquid level difference more than the preset value, control the operation of grille, eliminate waste, to ensure normal water, and reasonable reduce equipment wear and tear. ( 2) Lift pump operation control. To achieve the automatic control of the feed water pump, in into the pump Wells installed two magnetic column level gauge, measure pump well water level, real-time transmission to the PLC controller and PC, for system analysis. According to the measured values corresponding control program, automatically control the operation of the lift pump combination. So we can according to the factory outside water accurately and timely adjust the pump running state, reduce fatigue; At the same time can cancel traditional pumping station three shifts of human resource cost. ( 3) Flow and processing glass tube liquid level monitoring in real time. For the operation of the sewage treatment plant management, water is an important control parameter. Accurate and timely grasp into water, resistance to process control and improving sewage plant hydraulic impact load ability play an important role. Traditional water measured by weir plate or venturi flow channel, etc. , are not real-time monitoring, real-time display of the faults. Brake east sewage treatment plant tank using venturi tank, ultrasonic flowmeter can real-time display traffic at the scene and the upper machine and accumulative total capacity, water reached the accurate measurement processing, as well as the aim of management to provide real-time traffic. Engaged in magnetic level gauge turning production research and development for many years, the company production of RZ - UHZ series magnetic level gauge turning product quality and performance is very good and stable, in the vast number of users of universal praise, service enterprises throughout the country, and even have a domestic enterprise name who were the products of our company to order. I company in line with the customer is supreme, service first-class enterprise concept, is committed to providing customers with the magnetic flap liquid level meter products, if your company have demand in this respect, can contact us in time, our domestic sales and free service hotline: 0517 - Welcome friends call 86917118 co. , LTD. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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