Magnetic level gauge turning properly installed need to pay attention to those problems

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-02-17
Magnetic flap liquidometer alias inspcetion level gauge, maglev ball gauge or magnetic column level gauge, its principle is carried out using the basic principle of magnetic coupling, the standard of magnetic level gauge turning only display the information on the spot, because its way of double column is white, two colors, so also is very clear and convenient to observe, if manufacturing for general water soluble solution on the spot, room temperature superheated steam, again also do not have corrosion, with 304 stainless steel metal products category only. Because of the diversity of production on the spot and diversity, for example, often encounter the super high pressure, corrosion, explosion-proof type, remote transmission, heat insulation, the load regulation. At this stage I enterprise products category has long maintained a contains most of the number of accurate measurement on the spot to the magnetic flap of product category, superheated steam under normal temperature, high pressure, high temperature, corrosion protection, remote transmission, vacuum pump, adiabatic collet, steam electric heating, electric heating system, remote transmission, explosion-proof type, etc. , of the specifications of the goods and materials can also according to customer's actual must make a relative adjustment, more than a good role, must consider the customer. Installation and application of magnetic flap the level I think is not multifarious, except in accordance with the usual dashboard installation standard, for the nature of the magnetic flap in the level of the also will be relatively installation regulation. According to people for many years in the magnetic flap liquid level gauge installation and maintenance of the summary of work experience, customers in the enterprise production of choose and buy the magnetic level gauge after turning the specific installation in the whole process, such as wrong operation will appear the following several problems, and very many to pay attention to: a, magnetic level gauge calibration turning everything is normal, put into use after found oil level sensor in certain parts show over time & other; Suck up & quot; Condition. This key is liquid level transmitter across the service platform of steel equipment, with thick plate spacing is too close. Over steel service platform equipment requirements, therefore, the wall thickness and very pay attention to the liquid level transmitter connected service platform, the interval of laser cutting border lines. According to application experience on the spot, this interval in 150 ㎜ fluctuation which can ensure the belt magnetic oil level sensor cause no harm. Of calibration on the spot, you will find the up and down or so mobile oil level sensor than clever. The most bad because liquid level transmitter equipment provoked, then have to pay attention to the management center of the up and down or so flange in a line, can with the vertical plane of the horizon. In general, and the horizontal plane Angle is less than 83 degrees, so if the focus is very big, will harm of the oil level sensor to complete. Three, liquid level transmitter when put into use on the spot, be very careful to open the upper cut-off valve, open after the below cut-off valve. It is because the bottom of the liquid level transmitter pipe is equipped with maintenance of the oil level sensor check TuiDan yellow, otherwise, the effect of large differential pressure will be bruised oil level sensor due to liquid level transmitter can't application. Four, liquid level transmitter in the application process, if the output data signal caused by vibration often there will be dry scratching single pulse, and check the shielded cable shielding layer can firm grounding device, can connect resistor is considered in supplication. If dry scratching there is still no detailed resection, able to solve with signal isolator. Five, the liquid level transmitter is put into use after period of time, show the oil level sensor can't float and mobile oil level sensor failure. This is essentially because with magnetic oil level sensor with iron pin or other wastes. Should first row material, and then remove the oil level sensor, resection with magnetic oil level sensor stick some iron pin or other waste only. Six, if due to transport or other reasons attributed to sign on the spot in his interview with sealed glass tube, it can use domestic glass tube replaced. But good to vacuum packing. Also can pay attention to the glass tube vertically, in case of damage indicator. Seven, very to be paid attention to when using the liquid level transmitter, outside the pipe up and down or so don't use strong magnet drive end check oil level sensor, or you will blame with magnetic oil level sensor is magnetized and modified optical activity, so that can make the oil level sensor with magnetic weakened, lead to can't normal work. Available for general situation about eight o 'clock, in how many ways to avoid installation and application, people will be able to ensure the installation smoothly, reasonably lift installation application efficiency.
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