Magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion subsidence reason and solve the measuring deviation of skills

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-26
Magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion sinking cause magnetic float liquid level gauge is by measuring the inner chamber turning using the buoyancy principle, we in the magnetic flap installation and debugging, sometimes will find a real tank liquid level rise, but it will not be able to measure the display of the liquid level. Close valve after further inspection found that the float is always in the state of sinking, this paper is aimed at what are the specific reasons for the failure phenomenon analysis. A magnetic flap, * is first level meter in the inspcetion stuck, inspcetion always sinking would happen, this is also so magnetic level gauge failure often encounter turning; Second, the inspcetion is one of the magnetic flap is an important part of the liquid level meter, float is a magnetic, display board have level, float is magnetic, this can be ruled out. Float sink, possible reason is that the density values provide inaccurate parameter. We speak of magnetic float level gauge turning measuring principle is to use the principle of buoyancy, according to the medium level made a small density can float float, can with liquid level rise, the float will rise. Under the flap of the inner diameter of the stainless steel pipe diameter is corresponding than float, and float outside diameter is according to the density of the medium, the medium pressure. General measure phenomenon the reason is mainly the above two, so the user is in when meet such circumstance * to exclude the two cases. Magnetic level gauge measuring deviation of turning solutions we in daily magnetic magnetic flap liquid level meter in use process, often appear a now, that is magnetic level gauge measurement deviation, turning while the deviation is not very, but affect our practical application, then let me introduce you to a solution to the magnetic flap level gauge measurement deviation. How to magnetic level gauge after use for a long time, turning the body will have medium sediment, affect the normal work of the float, must be cleaned on a regular basis. Before cleaning * off gas liquid valve, eliminate the remaining material of cylinder body. After cleaning assembly, according to the sample float suddenly upside down, leaking gasket should be replaced to prevent aging, tighten the screws. Magnetic level gauge turning installation and use: 1, after the installation should * use first adjust the magnets along the surface of the flap to move slowly, make all the red side of the turning toward the observer. 2, the product must be installed vertically, the big deviation & le; 3° 3, level gauge body may not be a ferromagnetic material in 200 mm distance around 4, this product is more than 4 meters, in the middle of the installation process must add support 5, liquid level meter into the run before, should first open the valve, then slowly open the valve, make the medium slowly into the barrel, let each turning turning following instructions. With adjustable screw adjust zero level. 6, in front of the container to do pressure test, please close the valve and liquid level gauge. Level 7, in use process, due to the sudden change individual flap failure or other causes, adjust the magnetic steel correction is available. Above is the company technicians to share with you the seven little skill, can effectively solve the problem of measuring magnetic level gauge turning on. Users in the right to choose the appropriate instrument type, instrument maintenance in the late production of work is also very important, as long as we continuously review and learn the correct method, can effectively extend the service life of instrument and reduce equipment maintenance costs. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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