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Magnetic level gauge need special attention in the process of application of double column

by:KAIDI     2021-02-17
Magnetic level gauge double column nickname magnetic level gauge is turning principle of communicating vessels, according to the basic principle of the buoyancy of water and take the magnetic coupling effect product research and development, when measured vessel liquid level meter in the elevator, oil level sensor in the magnetic steel according to magnetic coupling to magnetic column labeled control panel, make white, double column rotate 180 & deg; , when the liquid level gauge rose column by ivory into bright red, when the liquid level meter to reduce the double column changed from red to ivory, white, interchange on the control panel for liquid level meter in the vessels of the specific ratio, so as to realize the liquid level meter display information. Magnetic level gauge is the double column can suitable using in high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, food industry and other manufacturing sites, not only can make the liquid level meter in situ display information, convenient clerk, in view of the immediate loading level gauge, the modified relatively remote transmission equipment can make a accurate measurement data signal remote transmission display information and manipulation, is a category used widely in industrial production in the industry at present stage, the application very document of liquid level meter. Column on the magnetic level gauge application process will appear all sorts of different problems caused by the dashboard common faults and even can't application, causes the sake of the common faults are varied, based on the dashboard in embellish clerk in the production and processing, and communication with customers on the spot in the summary of many examples, and Suggestions about the application of information feedback content, now I write this article indicates that the magnetic double column level gauge is very must shut eight key points, please you customers care about. 1, magnetic level gauge calibration everything is normal, put into use after found oil level sensor in certain parts of time & other; Suck up & throughout; Condition. This key is the level over the steel service platform installation, with thick plate spacing is too close. Thus, over the steel service platform installation needs to pay attention to the wall thickness and the service level gauge connected the platform, the interval of laser cutting border lines. On the basis of application experience on the spot, this interval in 150 ㎜ fluctuation which can ensure the belt magnetic oil level sensor cause no harm. 2, on the spot, calibration and sometimes find oil level sensor in the monitored mobile creatures. The most results from improper installation, then to pay more attention to the up and down or so flange management center is in line, a vertical and sea level. Normally, and sea level of not less than 83 degrees, if the error is very big, will get mobile from the harm of the oil level sensor is satisfactory. 3, if caused by delivery or other reason marked with split with sealed glass tube, on the spot, can use the domestic glass tube changing. But to vacuum packing. Need to pay attention to the glass tube is vertical, in case of damage indicator. 4 level gauge, magnetic double column in use after period of time, there can't float oil level sensor and oil level sensor and the status of the mobile block. This mostly due to belt magnetic oil level sensor with iron pin or other wastes. Should first row material, and then remove the oil level sensor, remove belt magnetic oil level sensor stick some iron pin or other waste only. 5, liquid level meter in use on the spot, want to notice to open the upper cut-off valve, open after the below cut-off valve. It because take inspcetion level gauge at the bottom of the pipe is equipped with maintenance of the oil level sensor check TuiDan yellow, otherwise, the effect of large differential pressure will be bruised oil level sensor level gauge can't application. 6, liquid level meter application especially in be careful, don't use strong magnet around outside the pipe and drive the oil level sensor to carry out the inspection, otherwise will cause the belt magnetic oil level sensor is magnetized and change the optical activity, and can make the oil level sensor with magnetic weak, so that all can't work normally. 7, liquid level meter application in the whole process, if the output data signal caused by vibration often there will be dry scratching single pulse, and check the shielded cable is blocking layer on grounding device, work is the resistor can conform to the requirements. False several scratching is still not completely clear, can signal isolator to deal with. 8, using the Ann type liquid level meter, especially in to pay more attention to the level and safety barrier if the characteristic impedance of matching. Because of this level gauge working voltage switch power supply for 14. 5 - 14 of 36 VDC, below are usually smart transducer. 5 - 46 VDC, so the load is large can't normal work.
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