Magnetic level gauge caused by inspcetion turning panel displays abnormal reasons and solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-04
As the magnetic level gauge, turning often have friends to call or email to ask about magnetic level gauge turning some of problem solving methods in use. This article is a user and an instance of the technical personnel to communicate with, mainly involving the magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion use of content, the arrangement is as follows: if you want to buy or selection, please enter the magnetic level gauge products and selection page for details of choose and buy: turning cfbywj / 1155. HTML user asked: company before purchasing magnetic level gauge with fine turning, later in the process of using split off. Maintenance personnel later changed 2 times, but not the original, * first time changing magnetic flap on the front panel flap brokenly, secondary flap dig directly. We confirm that the maintenance of material parameters are in accordance with the original version of the configuration parameters, mainly is the diameter and length, and is related to temperature, pressure, density, texture, etc. We get the magnet to the scene outside also can brush back, the flap should be no problem at all never split and moved. So I want to ask questions about the float, float magnetic the relevant standard? Where is go wrong? Float installation in the right direction, what medium pressure is normal. Really don't know so many flap, later how to sign up for spare parts, in addition to contact the original factory parts and what better way? Technical personnel answer: magnetic level gauge panel instructions, turning a lot of times inspcetion liquidometer direction normal and panel float of the activity level is wrong, this is common color display into discontinuous, such as there is no level of which the panel instructions are part of the red, or a part of the liquid level indicate the white. Reasons for this phenomenon is the inspcetion up much too late to reverse the external panel magnetic column inspcetion will move in the past, the failure occurs when the liquid level severe changes substantially or instrument maintenance, blowdown. There is a kind of situation because of the distance between the magnetic column change, causing friction is bigger, the magnetic coupling of magnetic column and inspcetion cannot overcome the friction caused by the magnetic column can't flip, or magnetic column magnetic weak magnetic column not reverse it. Deal with these failure can use external magnet along the magnetic display an error column from top to bottom or from bottom to top to move slowly make it display correctly, and then move up and down through the internal inspcetion watch panel instructions are correct. If there is no magnet can also keep the panel outer plastic cover solution with screwdriver wave magnetic column under back to normal. If the weaker magnetic magnetic column to remove the for replacement. Due to the magnetic level gauge measuring medium level turning principle is constant buoyancy method, when choosing float type to undertake choosing according to medium density, and the actual use of medium density usually deviates from the ideal value, whether a liquid level in the float according to accurate, know this after many experiments, if change the test medium density level not be affected, because float in use is a dynamic balance, if the medium density than the set value, then float by buoyancy, the immersion medium height will be floating point reaching a new equilibrium. If its will float down a little bit smaller density to form a new equilibrium. Density is certainly not greatly small, or float after all didn't return not equal to its weight lift its will sink cannot rise, the situation in practice is less, so most of the medium density around the chosen value small changes will not affect the level measurement. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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