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Magnetic level gauge and magnetostriction liquidometer turning a combination of measurement

by:KAIDI     2021-02-18
According to the author, industry at present to strong acid, strong alkali liquor tank liquid level detection method, mainly using the ultrasonic liquid level meter, magnetic level gauge, turning contact corrosion liquid level measuring instrument, in August 2014, through a tour of the activation of the power plant at the use of liquid level meter, the activation of the power plant of acid-base tank liquid level detection device have in-depth understanding; The size of the factory existing more than 20 acid-base tank soda acid liquid level detection, mostly by adopting the combination of ultrasonic level meter and the magnetic level gauge turning. Ultrasonic level meter belongs to the non-contact measurement method, has its own advantages, ultrasonic level meter to acid and alkali liquid level information through the transmission line to the computer, the real-time observation. But according to the factory technical personnel, ultrasonic level meter have a fatal weakness, is installed in the top of the ultrasonic probe is easy to acid mist or alkali fog, seriously affect the measurement accuracy, need staff time to clean the ultrasonic probe. Virtually increased the use of the human cost, also reduces the efficiency. Magnetic flap, the level of automatic transmission function, there is no data to staff periodically to observe level scale. In order to ensure the reliability of the acid and alkali liquid level data, the factory technical staff to ask for increase a liquid level detection device, and can realize the automation of data remote transmission. To this end, the author using magnetostrictive sensor and method of the combination of magnetic flap in order to realize ph level of non-contact measurement, and use the MCU and GSM technology, realization of magnetostrictive liquid level signal of wireless transmission. Perfectly realize the number of liquid level measurement and data transmission. 1 magnetostrictive liquid level sensor and the principle of measurement of the magnetic level gauge turning 1. 1 magnetostrictive liquid level meter, magnetostrictive liquid level sensor linear to the working principle of adopting not permeability stainless steel pipe ( Rod) , the magnetostrictive line ( Waveguide line) , with the surface or interface mobile floating ball ( It contains copper) And electronic components, etc ( See figure 1) , its working principle is: the pulse generator to produce electric current pulse, the electronic components can be converted into a line along the waveguide ( 波导) The spread of the waveguide pulse ( Initial pulse) ; The magnetic field and the circular magnetic field vectors formation in the floating ball spiral magnetic field, the instantaneous torque generated waveguide line twist and generate stress pulse ( Strainpulse) 。 The pulse at a fixed speed along the waveguide line back, in the electronic components on both ends of the induction coil produces induced current pulse ( Termination of the pulse) 。 By measuring the time between the initial pulse and termination of the pulse cycle, and multiplied by the speed of the fixed, then to determine the displacement of the measured object or liquid level. The whole measuring process is continuous, so whenever the float ( The magnet) Is moving, the new position will soon be measured. 1. 2 the working principle of magnetic liquid level sensor turning maglev type frame type level gauge, level gauge belongs to buoyancy is magnetic float, float up or down along with the change of liquid level, as shown in figure 2. Installed beside the float of the flap is thin magnetic metal ( Have a plenty of columns) Made, both sides are painted a different color. Magnetic float elevating driving axis turning to flip, float above the flap is a kind of color ( Such as white) , float the following frame to another color ( Such as red) , by observing the outside color can know the liquid level height. Magnetostrictive - 2 The design of the integration of magnetic composite flap liquid level measuring device 2. Magnetostrictive - 1 Magnetic flap share inspcetion experiment in order to avoid the magnetostrictive liquid level sensor contact with strong acid alkali, we put the magnetostrictive sensor combined with magnetic flap level gauge, magnetic level gauge and turning to share a magnetostrictive sensor inspcetion design train of thought. We put the magnetic flap in the inspcetion and magnetostrictive rod on the circular magnetic field were measured. Inspcetion of magnetic flap with a horizontal ferrite magnet wafer, the magnetic field as shown in figure 3, strong magnetic field in the center of the wafer location, about 150 T; Tightly around the perimeter of the wafer about 80 T magnetic field intensity, along the radial magnetic field decreases in turn. Magnetostrictive sensor on the induction of stem is set floating ferrite beads as a general inspcetion, its magnetic field shown in figure 4, the circular center position of the magnetic field is strong, about 60 T. To get rid of the circular on the magnetostrictive rod, the magnetic flap inspcetion surrounding magnetic field instead of the circular magnetic field; Namely the magnetostrictive rod erected vertically beside the magnetic flap, formed magnetostriction Experimental device integrated magnetic flap liquid level measuring system, a figure as shown in figure 5. When magnetic flap under the liquid pipe of liquid surface of change, inspcetion floating up and down, the small cylindrical magnetic magnetic flap stick flip, color change, scale to the right of using observation tank liquid level changes. At the same time, the magnetostrictive rod is the result of the inspcetion of floating pulse signal, the induction to the change of the displacement, the liquid surface in the tube can be inspected.
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