Magnetic flap liquid level meter in the practical application of acid and alkali factory case analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-01
One, in this paper, with the development of industrial production, the magnetic flap liquid level gauge is increasingly widely used in liquid level measurement, measurement and control in industrial production, the medium level of quantity as the important process parameters, in the process of the production process of continuous optimization measure is higher and higher requirements. Sell on market at present most of the liquid level meter, the measured value with the change of range such as pressure, temperature, density and changes, thus in the actual condition and design conditions is not at the same time, level gauge measurement results is corresponding to produce additional error. The measurement of ph class medium more stringent requirements, for the level of anticorrosion performance and safety performance put forward higher request, according to a survey instrument market in embellish, according to the acid and alkali factory magnetic flap liquid level gauge is mainly used magnetic flap liquid level gauge. This article is based on the magnetic flap liquid level meter in the practical application of acid and alkali felt, introduced the use and maintenance experience. Second, the magnetic flap the level of application of magnetic flap in acid and alkali factory level gauge in acid and alkali felt reformer and use of liquefied gas ramp, have higher measurement precision and strong stability measurement, provides the device the measuring accuracy of oil vapor very big help. Magnetic flap liquid level meter can measure the liquid in the actual use of a wide range, including various liquid, high viscosity liquid slurry containing solids, liquid containing trace gases, have enough density of high pressure gas. The measurement of high precision and good stability is well received by the unit using, use its low maintenance workload, low failure rate is more get the welcome of equipment maintenance work, make a measuring in the device and device and sales of products. Acid-base felt used mainly by the magnetic flap liquid level gauge. Three, the application in the practical work experience in the actual application should pay attention to the following aspects: 3. 1 selection to correct for selection of production device to measure the medium level gauge, in particular, clear fluid properties, such as measuring the medium level, temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, etc. , on the basis of magnetic flap the level chosen according to the case. In addition level prestige good company or the domestic company's products, general level is better, use effect will be better. 3. 2 installed in strict accordance with the requirements for installation according to the situation to select the correct installation method and the reasonable installation position, pay special attention to reduce the vibration impact, secondly avoid process pipeline between torsion and liquid level gauge. On the installation should pay attention to distinguish straight pipe bending tube, also note the measured medium is liquid or gas. 3. 3 to avoid large magnetic field interference magnetic level gauge is using turning incentive to work, so when installation to avoid large transformer, motor, pump will produce larger magnetic field equipment area. 3. 4 to initialize the data accurate magnetic flap level gauge should strictly according to the factory check list when putting-in-service proactively data to initialize magnetic flap liquid level meter, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement. Equipment in use process in use is necessary to accurately under the condition of zero point calibration. 3. 5 zero calibration accuracy magnetic flap liquidometer belongs to online using the high accuracy of measurement equipment, the left side of the zero point is the result of the liquid level, use for a long time when must calibration on a regular basis, focus on online to calibrate the zero point. Magnetic level gauge turning zero drift and its structure, its drift amount while does not affect the actual accuracy, but also creates a certain measurement error. This online calibration on a regular basis should be included in the zero point of magnetic level gauge turning management scope, also should cause the attention of various use unit. 3. To avoid more than 6 requirements of the use of equipment design happens this will cause the loss of measurement accuracy of equipment, set up might damage the magnetic flap liquid level gauge. For example in the pretend to cease when the steam purging process pipeline if steam temperature more than magnetic level gauge design using the temperature range of turning, will damage the detecting coil and the magnetic flap liquid level meter can't use, so the device during shutdown sweep line cut its to the line or replace with a short tube. 3. 7 prevent man-made measurement interrupt if operators attempted to power equipment or demolish the signal measuring interrupt level gauge for short periods of time, resulting in the measurement of lead to disputes, should prevent such problems from happening. 3. 8 in the practical application of fault handling ( 1) No display and output: if the signal is blocked or small signal power, open signal or to switch to high power signal; Signal fuse, replacing the fuse; ( 2) Display and output volatility: time constant is too small to adjust the time constant, the time constant increases; ( 3) Liquid level display incorrect: zero adjustment, set error range, medium smudgy, choose to zero adjustment, resetting range, take measures to make the medium cleaning; ( 4) Equipment display volatility: equipment failure or resistance output failure, loose connection, is resistance table to check the output resistance, rewiring; ( 5) Close the valve, when set the zero point, display liquid level: not matter or medium containing air valve, zero adjustment is not ready, the check valves, check whether the liquid level is zero, to ensure that no air in the pipe. Four, the paper conclude with the continuous development of industrial technology equipment automation control technology has been changing with each passing day, magnetic level gauge turning more and more widely applied in the petrochemical production measurement. With the continuous development of science and technology, the domestic existing joint venture in production, believe that the level of liquid level localization trend, magnetic level gauge will be turning to more and more contributions to the petrochemical production measurement.
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