Instrument installation is not standard, hurt yourself

by:KAIDI     2021-02-02
Instrument's application range is very wide, is a petrochemical, environmental protection, building materials, food, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, municipal and national defense industries such as one of the common devices in the automation control, instrumentation personnel mainly involved in instrument selection, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, etc. , instrument installation appears to be relatively simple, in fact, if the instrument installation specification, light causes inaccurate measurement, high failure rate, maintenance quantity increase, or may cause unplanned parking, even cause safety accidents. An improper, instrument installation accident analysis 1, water vaporization cooling buffer liquid level transmitter 13 lt0002 fault in gasification plant cooling water buffer liquid level transmitter 13 lt0002 by 13 lt0002a, 13 lt0002b, 13 lt0002c three differential pressure transmitter by ESD logic to send three choose two gasification interlocking 13 uz0001, DCS, according to the logic shows three choose two measured values. 13 lt0002c display values often on the high side, especially in the winter, but failure is less in summer. 13 lt0002c take negative transfer, due to negative media for condensate, when condensate loss because of some reason, will lead to differential pressure, display value is on the high side. Every time troubleshooting, removal of interlocking first, after the root valve closing to negative value returned to normal after filling of condensed water. Interlock, frequent fault frequent carries the risk of wrong operation. Overhaul of its negative guide pressure pipe inspection, found no leak, but found that trace pipe for & phi; 12 steel pipe and pressure tube and tied together, which is generally in the north to use heavy heat tracing, can judge the winter heating putting-in-service proactively, heat tracing is overweight cause negative condensate gasification, lead to measure, because the summer closed heat tracing, it is not easy to fail. In the case of not to match with heat pipe, the use of asbestos pad made with heat pipe is a bit far away from the pilot pressure tube, failure to eradicate. 2, urea dehydrogenation outlet flow FT001 value serious deviation urea FT001 dehydrogenation export flow measurement value serious deviation, lead to cannot use. Add urea co2 dehydrogenation unit in 2009, is set at its outlet differential pressure flow transmitter FT001, putting-in-service proactively process reflects the measured value serious deviation, to discharge guide pressure duct tape water serious found, drainage after normal, but less than an hour after the failure occurs again. To the scene observed, not according to quality level transmitter installation, transducer installed in the orifice plate below the level height of 300 mm, obviously does not accord with the installation of the differential pressure flow meter specifications. After remove the transmitter to three meters higher than the orifice on the second floor of the pressure pipeline of piping with 1:10 slope, through improved after installation, use normal flow transmitter. 3, raw coal gasification coal grinding unit tank level 11 lt0001 radar material level meter, often broken, in use process shows that numerical constant, parked in a similar crash. Remove the instrument back in the echo of radar wave is to use large pieces of cardboard, and slow moving back and forth, radar level meter can display returns to normal, normal transmitter. After the view parameter, found that once detected the indicator level mutation rate is too big, is thought to be wrong, error and the parameter setting for HOLD, so the output unchanged, show the crash. To the field observation, found that radar installation position and the indicator in the feeding hole spacing, feed accidental clutter echo will lead to detect the indicator level mutation rate is too large. Remove the material level meter to distance inlet position of appropriate installation, and empty cans do interfere with the storage, prevent installation factors false reflection. The improved after installation, the number of radar level meter failure greatly reduced. Katie instrument equipment factory specializing in the production of: flow meters, temperature instruments, level instruments, electromagnetic flowmeter, calibration instrument, such as & hellip; … More than ten for years, our factory insist on: strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by science and technology innovation, the way of contract, the production and business operation to get rapid development, no matter from the developed city to the new countryside, no matter from industrial manufacturing to sophisticated technology, ubiquitous kaidi products.
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