Installation and maintenance of intelligent vortex precession flowmeter include what specific content

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-27
Intelligent vortex precession flowmeter products overview: 1. Intelligent precession vortex flowmeter with new and unique signal processing amplifier filtering technique, effectively eliminate the pressure fluctuation and pipeline vibration produced by the jamming signal, greatly improve the anti-interference ability of the flowmeter, small flow has excellent stability. 2. In situ show that temperature, pressure, the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. 3. Built-in smart precession vortex flowmeter pressure, temperature, flow sensor, safety performance is high, compact structure, beautiful appearance. 4. Unique time display and real-time data storage function, no matter what happens, can guarantee the internal data is not lost, can be permanent preservation. 5. Smart header of precession vortex flowmeter can be 180 degree free rotation, convenient installation. 6. Anti-theft function reliable, has the password protection, prevent parameter changes. 7. The machine power consumption is extremely low, can run on battery power for a long time in, is the ideal without external power supply on-site display instrument. Precession vortex flow meter to the requirement of installation environment: precession vortex flowmeter during installation shall comply with the requirement of the work environment, poor environment and conditions can affect the measurement precision and other performance, serious when making instrument work not straight: in the electromagnetic flow time, moving and lifting sling should be set on the flowmeter at the ends of the flange neck position, do not set in the measuring tube into the tube rods, hoisting, in order to avoid damage to the lining, also should prevent precession vortex flow meter connector socket damaged by collision. Must ensure that the precession vortex flowmeter center and the center of the process piping is consistent, and good grounding line, otherwise it will cause error. 1, dry ventilated place, avoid moisture easy seeper place; 2, avoid sharp. When outdoor, should keep out the rain; 3, as far as possible to avoid strong vibration; 4, avoid strong electromagnetic field equipment, such as big motor, transformer, etc. ; 5, easy maintenance, easy to activities. Precession vortex flowmeter installation points: 1, according to the intelligent vortex precession flowmeter flow marks can be tilted in vertical, horizontal, or any installation position. 2, when the pipeline vibration source is longer or distance is relatively close, support should be installed at upstream or downstream of flowmeter, to eliminate the influence of the pipeline vibration. 3, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter installation location should have enough space, so that the flow meter inspection and maintenance, and the flowmeter to meet the environmental requirements. 4, strong magnetic field interference should avoid the outside world. 5, when used in outdoor installation, should have cover, avoid the strong sunlight and rain erosion, affect the service life of the instrument. 6, when the pipeline pressure testing, should pay attention to the configured intelligent vortex precession flowmeter pressure sensor pressure measurement range, in order to avoid over-voltage damage pressure sensor. Installed 7, should pay attention to stress, the effect of upstream and downstream piping flow meter should be coaxial, otherwise it will produce shear stress. The location of the installation flowmeter should consider the thickness of the sealing gasket, or install a elastic expansion joints in the downstream side. Should be clear before 8, installation flow meter of the pipeline welding slag and other sundry. 9 and put into operation, should slowly open flowmeter upstream or downstream of the valve, in order to avoid air flow is too sharp and blunt bad on the moment. 10, when the meter requires signal remote transmission, should be strictly in accordance with & other; Electrical performance & throughout; Request access to external power ( 8 ~ 24) VDC, forbidden in direct access to 220 vac or 380 vac signal output power supply. 11, the user may not change the connection mode of explosion protection system and arbitrary twisted each output pin connector. 12, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter is run, not allowed to open the rear cover change instrument parameters, or affect the normal work of the flowmeter. 13, regularly check the flowmeter flange leakage situation. Precession vortex flowmeter to correct grounding: to make precession vortex flowmeter, reliable work, improve the measurement precision, not affected by external parasitic potential interference, electromagnetic flowmeter should be good grounding line alone, don't take ground wire on the public ground wire of motor or other equipment. Grounding resistance & lt; 10Ω 。 Normally process piping for metal pipe, grounding itself; If the process pipe inner surface coated with insulation layer or non-metallic pipelines, on both sides of the precession vortex flowmeter should also be equipped with grounding ring. But in larger external electromagnetic interference, especially stray current large pipe work frequency, etc, shall be separately set grounding device, usually in a humid place copper bar embedment depth is greater than 1 m, and with total cross section is greater than 4 was more strands of copper wire for the grounding wire connected to the earthing end of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Precession vortex flowmeter of troubleshooting steps: precession vortex flowmeter generally does not need daily maintenance, but easily measured medium in the electrodes and the measuring tube inner surface adhesion, or scaling, must be clean regularly measuring tube wall and electrode, pay attention to don't make lining, electrode is damaged. Failure occurs when the precession vortex flowmeter, please refer to the following table one by one to find, analyze the reasons and troubleshooting. 1, whether the measuring tube medium full tube, lining and whether scaling on electrode; 2, all the cable connection is reliable; 3, grounding requirements whether meet; 4, whether the excitation coil short circuit or open circuit, its whether the insulation to earth; 5, whether in the piping medium leakage, is influential upstream and downstream of the valve, the suitability of installation position; 6, the environment on the flowmeter interference; 7, whether the converter failure. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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