Inspcetion level need to improve two defects in the application of improved methods

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-06
Inspcetion level gauge, as a kind of structure is simple, intuitive observation data of liquid level measuring system, the use of large area, in my company and echo is very good, but for some special position measuring of maglev, due to the particularity of its position, the liquid level meter in the application, found two defects, need to be targeted to improve. Inspcetion level gauge after discharge, found not float, float check after the notice is the main reason is: level gauge after discharge, float, float under the bottom of the spherical head with flange on the center hole chamfer surface fit closely ( See figure 2) , plus there is high pressure in the main body, in the P & gt; P, float the float of the press on a flange can't. The main body with oil pollution, the situation are more likely to occur. The solution is: in the upper flange gasket a circular perforated sheet, its structure as shown in figure 3. Float to fall after fall in on a chip, so avoid the flange joint on drainage hole, drainage, float with higher liquid level float, the practice shows that this method is simple and feasible. The liquid level meter liquid level within the container bottom 10 cm mainly due to its design flaws can't be measured, as shown in figure 4. ( 1) L1 size is not enough, the absence of liquid ammonia in subject, due to the inspcetion magnetic blocks over & other; 0' Scale line, making OA section rod flap to be rev. ( 2) Only when magneton level more than the height of the L3 buoyancy, and L3 this level form measuring blind Angle. Its improved method is: extended L1 segment, make the L1 & ge; L2, such, the absence of liquid ammonia in subject, float the magnetic block is in the flap & other 0' Under the scale line, and will not make the flap and to turn over, on the other hand, L1 & ge; L2, float up floating point under the bottom of the container, and can accurately measure the container liquid level of the whole height, there will be no L3 this measuring blind Angle. Improved inspcetion liquid level meter and the installation position of the relationship between the container, as shown in figure 5 the improved level gauge and container installation schematic diagram of the improved level gauge at installation time, will the level within the zero calibration, no liquid level gauge in the main body float to the top and bottom of container at the same level, with level gauge body flange distance is equal to L. So, when the containers have level, float the floating drive flap and reverse it. In this need to be clear, when buying or making float, must be the same for float and measuring the density of the fluid. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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