Industrial automation instrument research and development for new progress

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-25
Recently, according to ministry of 8, 863 program, the advanced manufacturing technology & other; Based on CMC throughout development and application of industrial automation instruments and meters &; The topic through technology acceptance. In recent years, with information, the rapid development of Internet, Internet of things technology, industrial control system of intelligent, networking and security become the focus of attention of governments and enterprises industrial automation instrumentation key components is the core of the industrial control system. For a long time, the field of high-end products are dominated by foreign monopoly enterprises and holding the development level of China's industrial control systems and safety capabilities. With the support of national 863 plan, the Shanghai automation instrumentation co. , LTD cooperate with zhejiang university, in the research and development independently controllable on-chip control system ( The Control Module on Chip, hereinafter referred to as: CMC) And in line with the IEC61131 - 3 software development technology on the basis of the surrounding temperature, pressure, liquid level and electric actuators and other four categories of industrial automation instruments and meters, built based on CMC intelligent instrumentation hardware and software development platform, and solved based on CMC intelligent instrument and meter low-power explosion-proof technology, advanced fault diagnosis technology, resistance to electromagnetic interference and EPA and network communication technology, etc. , such as MODBUS increased domestic circuit integration of intelligent instrument and meter, product reliability and applicability, and improve the performance and functionality of the product. CMC autonomous core development and application software and hardware of intelligent instrument and meter, realizes the intelligent instrument localization of core technology, improve the autonomous control ability and level of the domestic instruments and meters. At present the research of the intelligent temperature, pressure, liquid level transmitter and intelligent electric actuators are four major categories, such as industrial automation instrumentation products, has realized the scale of engineering application in process industry, and presents in thermal power, petrochemical, chemical industry and environmental protection, etc have widely application prospect.
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