In 2020, the development trend of pressure transmitter will be

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-02-05
In 2020 countries around the world still put pressure transmitter research field is very wide, almost permeated each industry, shandong kaidi as the pressure transmitter of the shandong pressure transmitter manufacturer, liquid level transmitter float liquid level gauge and so on are mainly classified into the following trends: 1, intelligent transmitter: due to the emergence of integrated, can add some processors in the integrated circuit, makes the pressure transmitter with automatic compensation, communication, self-diagnosis, logic, and other functions. 2, integrated transmitter, pressure transmitter has been more and more integration with other measuring transmitter to form a measurement and control system. In the process control and factory automation integrated system can improve the operation speed and efficiency. 3, miniaturization of transmitter: the market demand for small pressure transmitter is more and more big, the small transmitter can work in extreme conditions, and require little maintenance and maintenance, the impact on the surrounding environment are also small, can be placed in each important organs in the body's gathering information, does not affect the normal life of people. 4, standardized transmitter: transmitter design and manufacturing have formed a certain industry standards. 5, transmitter widely: another development tendency of pressure transmitter is from machinery industry to expand in other fields, such as: automotive components, medical equipment, and energy and environment control system.
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