Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement medium with tube in the causes and solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-09
Usually accurate measurement conditions, people in the application of intelligent pressure transmitter accurately measure pipeline fluid mechanics matter, on the basis of the pipeline regulations to ensure the full package cases accurate measurement can be carried out precisely. Often occur when the situation is not the full package of precise measurement results is not smooth, can understand due to the full package condition for the determination of liquid substances with a lot of bubble exists extreme conditions. Liquid incompletely filled pipes can be divided into two kinds of conditions, grade b: this is a high liquid level height to width ratio of sea level, sea level this is less than the determination of liquid. In high liquid level height to width ratio in the pipeline at sea level b, if at this time to take over the period around pipeline in ideal condition, usually measured by electromagnetic induction traffic to fine according to the most stable, only because of the flowmeter includes the gas in the pipeline in the liquid volume, so this kind of precise measurement situation will no doubt have a lot of data error. When electric level b: high level of the sea level, the level electric leakage in gas, concrete in the way of accurate measurement control circuit, electrical level can't immediately contact with the liquid, the numerical and output in any situation. Constantly shake or full, electrical level, everything can't work normally, the accurate measurement can not carry out. Intelligent pressure transmitter's test statistics is not accurate, not only can cause destruction of electrical level. How about this kind of circumstance to carry out the judgment, people can choose the way of bubble to identify proposed. At this time to pointer multimeter accurately measure electrical resistor. Level can be found that the electric control circuit of the electric limit significantly bigger. If the water. Domestic digital multimeter to take accurate measurement in Ik index value. To his side of the resistor is not easy to more than 150000 uefa mother more than this value, can determine the electric control circuit is abnormal, the way under the precondition of the clear cable. Judgment of atc is reliable. If the standard tolerance, also considerable flowmeter back-end development liquid outlet. When the discharge of liquid fill significant not only for the installation of pressure transmitter not full package. According to working experience, tell the people the full package of sad most of all by fluid mechanics on their or without all the back pressure of the outlet immediately after flow meter. Thus said pressure transmitter to avoid the full package, installation position and installation method is critical, people must pay attention to in traffic installation to minimize the full package, the installation site is in pipe more mid-range good or intentional will flow meter installed in the u-shaped liquid level meter rise in pipe section of pipeline.
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