Electromagnetic flowmeter is analysed cause of atc alarm and its alarm handling

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-03
p { 文本- - - - - - 缩进:2 em; / * em is relative unit, 2 em now twice the size of a word * /} In general pipeline fluid measurement, flowmeter can measure a one-way flow, if the direction of fluid, the measurement can't. Few can measure the bidirectional flow of flowmeter, normal we know there are electromagnetic flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter and reverse flow can be done by setting. When mounted horizontally, the flow of choice for the scene to provide a lot of convenience. But in the vertical installation fluid can only from the bottom up through the flowmeter. Electromagnetic flowmeter strict with full package, when the fluid flow through timing, do not meet the full package requirements flowmeter can appear atc alarm, show no flow meter. Electromagnetic flow meter in use process will often encounter atc alarm phenomenon, electromagnetic flowmeter of atc alarm refers to the test fluid is full of sensor measurement, detection of atc alarm occurs reason, we can use wires to converter signal input terminal and three short circuit, the results of the measurement if atc is full, then the electromagnetic flowmeter converter is normal, is the cause of the malfunction is likely to be current body conductivity low or atc error threshold Settings. In addition, if there is problem of electrode electromagnetic flowmeter, so also may appear atc alarm. Atc alarm thresholds often used with atc alarm. Atc alarm thresholds are usually set in 500%, air traffic police is a relative value, its conductivity with full package status and medium has a direct relationship, atc alarm thresholds are size will determine the atc, the sensitivity of alarm before the atc alarm threshold is determined, should first * determination is a measure of medium ( The electrical conductivity) And the medium in the condition of full pipe resistance rate. Then consider hanging wall of the fluid, such as time appropriate to install alarm reaction time, so the atc alarm threshold should be an adjustable parameter. In actual use, the fluid under a state of full package of resistivity value is defined as 100%, namely in fluid filled pipe, use & other; Atc alarm threshold & throughout; The atc measurement calibration to 100%. When pipe flow fluid surface is lower than the measuring electrode, the relative resistivity will be increased, when higher than the atc alarm threshold instrument will display the atc alarm signal. Atc alarm valve value in theory by 900% when the atc can display the atc alarm. The smaller atc alarm threshold, atc alarm more sensitive. According to the requirements of setting. Electromagnetic flowmeter in atc alarm when the solution: 1, measure the fluid is full of measuring tube; 2, the converter with wire signal access terminal SIG1 and SIG2 SIGGDN three short circuit, if at this time & other; Atc & throughout; Prompt cancellation, the converter is normal, may be the current body is the bottom of the hollow tubes or conductivity threshold and atc range setting error; 3, check the line connection is correct; 4, check whether the sensor electrode is normal; 5, make the flow rate is zero, observation shows conductance ratio should be less than 100%; 6, in the current circumstances, measured terminal SIG1 and SIG2 and SIGGDN resistance should be less than 50 k & Omega; 。 7, the multimeter measure the DS1 and DS2 should be less than 1 v, dc voltage between the otherwise, the sensor electrode contamination, should be given to clean. Atc alarm should be said tube not completely filled. Not full but flow in the horizontal pipe. The sensor installed on the riser should can eliminate this problem. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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