Electromagnetic flowmeter and protection grade of daily use protective measures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-10
Electromagnetic flowmeter in flow measurement field for common, for the general type of instrument, measuring range can cover most of the industrial production industry, such as: chemical industry, papermaking, food, textile, metallurgy, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, medicine, water, steel, petroleum, electric power and so on many kinds of industry. Because of inherent in its distinctive features, can be gained through its accurate measuring result, so the electromagnetic flowmeter flowmeter is more than other markets, has a large flow measurement market, there are a lot of electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer in the market now, how can we correct the selection of a good instrument, for customer use stability has an important significance in the future, not as long as you understand the market, carefully identify or it is not difficult to distinguish. Here I introduce the use of electromagnetic flowmeter maintenance measures of protection level and daily attention. The electromagnetic flowmeter general protection grade is divided into three types: type a, IP65 to prevent water spray, allow the tap water from any direction for instrument, pressure of spray water for 30 kpa, water yield of 12. 5 litres per minute, water meter distance of 3 meters. Type 2, IP67 to prevent flooding, instrument in a short period of time, can be submerged, high when testing should be at least 150 cm, underwater duration for at least thirty minutes. Three, IP68 for diving, can work under water for a long time, its immersed depth by manufacturer agreement with customer. Protection grade of electromagnetic flowmeter selection principle should be based on the above requirements and actual conditions of the selected instrument. If the meter below the ground, often by water, appropriate chooses IP68; If the instrument on the ground, can choose IP65. Electromagnetic flowmeter often need in inflammable, explosive, corrosive, high temperature under the working conditions, low temperature, vibration, humidity, etc. To this end, the user must take certain measures to ensure that reliable instrument for normal work. Common protective measures include the following points, summarized as follows: 1. Explosion-proof measures. In the inflammable and explosive places to choose explosion-proof instrument and its affiliated device ( If choose electric type III instruments, oil-immersed toggle switch, flameproof terminal blocks, etc. ) 。 2. Corrosion protection measures. In manufacturing instrument parts in contact with corrosive medium corrosion resistant material should be adopted, and in the medium and instrument connections catheter placed in isolation male, built-in neutral spacer. In addition, the pressure tube, guide. Threading catheter in corrosion environment and brush oil on a regular basis. 3. High temperature prevention measures. Should consider when making instrument use cooling type components and parts, when installation can also be installed special insulation device, strengthen ventilated. 4. Anti-freezing measures. Outside of the instrument can be set up separate meter box, box with steam heating or electric heat pipe heating, some one element ( Such as thermocouple, heat resistance and pressure device) And guide tube to be insulated or steam heating. 5. Vibration control measures. Packed in Yi Zhen location instrument used rubber cushion and the spring to absorb vibration. For the impact of the measured medium can take on any pressure points and measuring instrument or damping valve installed between buffer, to overcome the effects of pulse pressure on the instrument. 6. Moisture-proof measures. For the sake of moisture in the instrument and meter box into the desiccant. Common desiccant is silica or calcium chloride. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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