Electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer of instrument selection, installation and connection mode of technical guidance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-14
With large-scale industrial upgrading in industrial production fields, many backward production capacity and equipment were canceled or modified, it gives such as electromagnetic flowmeter instrument of this universality created the opportunity for promotion and application, electromagnetic flowmeter measurement medium range is very wide, as long as it has certain dielectric constant liquid, can use a electromagnetic flowmeter to measure. And because the measuring tube flow without any resistance, can be lined with anti-corrosion materials, measuring the corrosive liquid is a cinch, more forward and reverse flow can be measured. Adaptability is very good. Embellish instrument as * * manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter, in use in the installation of the flowmeter, maintenance has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, this article is about the principle of electromagnetic flowmeter, selection, installation and connection mode and friends make a communication. Working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of signal transducer and sensor, the principle is based on ferrari's law of electromagnetic induction, and tested in the sensor tube axis vertical installed a pair of detecting electrodes, when flow meter connected to the liquid medium pipeline, conductive liquid lateral movement along the pipe axis, conductive liquid for cutting lines of magnetic force movement and produce inductive electromotive force, the induced electromotive force by detecting electrodes to measure, the theoretical values for: E = kVBd type: E for the induced electromotive force; K as the adjustment coefficient, owing to the different instrument structure; V is for the measured liquid average flow velocity; B for the magnetic induction intensity; D for the pipe inner being measured. Measuring flow rate, fluid flows through the magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction, fluid flow induction conductivity out a potential is proportional to the average flow velocity. The induced voltage signal through two electrodes detection, and through the cable sent to converter, after signal processing and related operations, cumulative flow and transient flow display screen in converter. Electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday electromagnetic induction principle to develop a kind of measuring instrument of conductive liquid volume flow, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the conductive body for cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field movement, the induced voltage in a conductor, the electromotive force and the size of the conductor in magnetic field perpendicular to the magnetic field exercise is directly proportional to the speed, thus according to pipe diameter, medium is different, is transformed into traffic. No electromagnetic flowmeter throttle components, so the pressure loss is small, the instrument measuring fluid flow, is not affected by the fluid temperature, pressure, density, viscosity and the influence of fluid components, suitable for for sewage with suspended solid particles, the measurement of coal slurry, especially suitable for the measurement of corrosive medium. Selection and should be paid attention to: when using electromagnetic flowmeter and the liquid should be measuring the electrical conductivity, and demanded that the conductivity distribution, roughly evenly, cannot be used for measuring liquid conductivity is very low, such as oil products and organic solvents etc. The measuring accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the liquid pipe of circumstances, at present there is air in the pipeline under the condition of measurement problem has not been well solved, so electromagnetic flowmeter can measure gas, steam and liquid containing a higher proportion of large air bubbles. At the same time should pay attention to the different temperature and corrosive medium should choose different lining materials and electrode materials. Electromagnetic flow meter can be installed on any pipe, but the axis of the measuring electrode electromagnetic flowmeter must keep the horizontal direction, and with the pipe center line perpendicular to each other. To avoid when there is no liquid in the pipe to the illusion of a pointer is not zero, the electromagnetic flow meter transducer shall be installed at any time are filled with liquid, at the same time, the flowmeter signal is relatively weak, thus should be paid attention to when using outside interference, the effects on the accuracy of measurement and transmitter shall be installed far away from all the magnetic source, there is no vibration. Electromagnetic flowmeter with straight pipe before and after the installation requirements, only lower than other types of flowmeter requirements, but the key point to satisfy: is the full package. Dissatisfaction with pipe under the condition of easy to cause flowmeter disorderly jump. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement range is limited, many users to set the table, often compare it and the water meter, thought that can measure very low velocity of flow, actually with order not in accordance with the original pipe size to order, to order according to the actual flow meter diameter. Electromagnetic flow meter also has the protection grade, if the user requirements for instrument installation environment, installation location in underground pit or some other damp places, recommend that users choose split type, in order to avoid wrong damage to instrument. Electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the corrosive liquid, but the early users to correctly argue medium and its properties, so as to avoid selection when there was an error on the choice of electrode material, cause the sensors in the later use process scrap, inconvenience and economic loss to the user. Electromagnetic flowmeter even better reliability, usually will not damage, but because of its principle, the sensor electrode has been contact with the liquid surface, the time is long, easy to contaminated electrode surface. Typically use cases, so the electromagnetic flowmeter in conditional split, suggest a year to a year and a half off cleaning electrode at a time, to ensure that the flowmeter measurement precision of the machine. Any instrument is need maintenance, electromagnetic flowmeter is no exception.
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