Electromagnetic flow meter for measuring advantages of chilled water and all the problems that should pay attention to

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-09
Electromagnetic flowmeter in the present industrial production application is very wide, can be applied to various kinds of conductive liquid measurement, especially in the water-base fluid and has very superior in all kinds of acid and alkaline fluid performance, embellish instrument science and technology in engineering and technical personnel will today to briefly talk about the electromagnetic flow meter in the measurement of the advantages of chilled water and need to pay attention to some problems in the selection and installation. In chilled water flow measurement, electromagnetic flowmeter is quite has obvious advantages, also can manifest in the freezing water flow measurement, the corrosion problems, chilled water for salt water is particularly important. In high-rise buildings, some of the air conditioning water pressure is higher, then can negotiate with instrument factory, special manufacture pressure can meet the requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter. And in the specific design fashionable in any of the following questions to consider. 1. Sounding pipe lining choice if chilled water is fresh water, choose the rubber lining, the price is low. If chilled water to salt water, must choose ptfe lining. If both the fresh frozen water and salt water, you must choose ptfe lining. 2. Lined with negative pressure under normal problem chilled water flow measurement, measurement of pipe itself is not under negative pressure, only when will the water discharge pipe, due to pipe of high pointing venting forget to open, will cause a negative pressure pipe top. 3. Electromagnetic flowmeter to measure moisture problem in the electromagnetic flow sensor tube excitation coil excitation coil seal method commonly used in the shell has two kinds, one is to use two and a half shell, with screw sealing strip after compaction, seal; Another is to use shell welding sealing method, will have been isolated coil. Which are more reliable, can completely prevent coil cavity breathing phenomenon, to prevent moisture intrusion. But in the process of production, the coil around the air is full of inside the cavity, and the water vapor content with the variation of atmospheric temperature and relative humidity in the assembly. If the moisture content is higher, the flowmeter is put into use after because the temperature is reduced, in ducts and cavity is likely to appear dewing phenomenon, lead to be affected with damp be affected with damp, coil insulation are destroyed. Therefore, in the frozen water at low temperature ( Some factory is 0 ℃ & quot; > Bounded) , with nitrogen from the air in the cavity, and at lower temperature ( Such as - 10 ℃ or less) With methyl silicone oil, Some manufacturer) in transformer oil Filling. Different factory practice is not the same, but the total is a seal in the drying medium will not escape, and in use for a long time, the coil insulation will not cut. The development of instrument and meter industry, instrument and meter industry technical breakthroughs cannot leave the instrument manufacturer's support and effort. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As a traffic instrument manufacturers, we have to study hard, and new technology, the introduction of equipment, research and development more technology, meet the needs of more customers. Embellish instrument in the production of the series of flowmeter, are also gradually put the product sales to the country, widely popular among customers. , production, selection, * * * * * * quotation, summarize the experiences of production practice for many years, working to develop a variety of flow measurement products, can according to different customer needs, requirements of different customers equipment, * * products, all kinds of non-standard custom-made flowmeter is completely in accordance with the customer to provide parameters and requirements for customers & other; Customized & throughout; , & other; * quality first, users first & throughout; Concept of virtue, to ensure product quality long-term stability, and constantly improve to provide products and perfect service. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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