Common pull pressure sensor used in which 4 kinds of fault will appear

by:KAIDI     2021-01-22
1, drawing pressure sensor sealing problem when the first pressure transducer, transmitter output remains the same, then the output of the pressure transmitter sudden changes. When the pressure is released, the transducer zero can't return, this may be drawing pressure sensor sealing problem. The common reason is the specifications of the sealing ring. Tighten the sensor, the sealing ring is compressed into the sensor wire L pressure port, thereby blocking the sensor. Pressure medium under the action of stress could not enter, but when the pressure is higher, sealing ring suddenly burst, pressure sensor by pressure change. To eliminate this kind of failure is the best way to dismantle the pressure sensor, check whether zero normal directly. If zero is normal, you can replace the sealing ring and retry. 2, pressure rise, energy transducer output couldn't get on in this case, we should check whether the pressure interface is leak or blocked. Without confirmation, should check whether the connection is wrong, and check the power supply. If the power supply is normal, we just need to output pressure, see if there is a change, or zero if there is a sensor output. If there is no change, is the sensor has been damaged, otherwise it is the instrument damage or other aspects of the whole system. 3, transmitter, and a pointer type pressure gauge deviation is too big deviation is normal phenomenon, this is enough to determine the scope of the normal deviation. Finally a fault is a differential pressure transmitter installation position of zero output. Because of its small measuring range, sensor elements in the transmitter will affect the output of the differential pressure transmitter. When installation, the pressure sensitive components of the transmitter shall be the axial direction of gravity vertical 90 degrees. After installing fixed, remember to adjust the zero of the transmitter to the standard values. 4, the output of the transducer signal unstable this fault must be pressure source problem. Pressure source itself is an unstable pressure. Is likely to be the instrument or tension pressure sensor anti-interference ability is not strong, severe vibration sensor itself or the damage of sensors. This is we introduced four kinds of common pressure sensor, the introduction of hope we are helpful to you. If you want to know more about them, you can browse our official website. It is best to telephone counseling, to provide you with more professional information.
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