Common faults and differential pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-24
One, differential pressure transmitter or digital display output current is zero below 1, the transmitter high pressure pipe blockage or leakage measurement when the class liquid crystal, discharge time of the pressure transmitter guide tube medium have sundry, fouling, crystal, wait for a reason, it is easy to bring pressure pipe clogging occur, when the positive pressure side pressure pipe jams, P - there will be a negative pressure chamber pressure Higher than that of p + positive pressure chamber pressure, the differential pressure delta p = p + - p - < 0, its performance characteristics for the transmitter output is zero. 2, high and low pressure transmitter led high and low pressure pipe joint anti when transmitter chamber pressure pipe joint anti or process piping within the medium flow in the opposite direction, the output of the transmitter will show below. As measured using intelligent differential pressure transmitter, without bringing the high and low pressure chamber pressure pipe installation again, just in the parameter configuration, choose to reverse the output. Second, the differential pressure transmitter output current or digital display 1, instrument using ultra limit level measurement with differential pressure transmitter, and always in high level above if the transmitter, or always runs at a low level, can make the instrument for the overrun. In the actual production process, therefore, should guarantee the process medium within the scope of the instrument range, avoid operator error judgment into instrument malfunction. 2 improper selection, full scale smart differential pressure transmitter when use, if improper selection range instrument overrun errors occur. Especially in liquid level measurement, the need for range migration, if not to migrate, will cause the instrument measuring and overrun is not allowed. Three, flow calculation instrument and overestimated output instructions when using orifice plate and form a complete set of measuring fluid flow in the transmitter, instrument putting-in-service proactively, the output signal is always low or high. Common fault causes and treatment methods are as follows: 1, the three valves in the group balance valve closed lax when three valve group balancing valve closed lax, Three middle valve valve group) , there will be a small amount of leakage, the high side of flow pressure chamber, also is reduced into the transmitter of the differential signal, because the instrument output is low. 2, orifice plate upside, if installed backwards, orifice differential pressure will decrease, shows the corresponding flow will be small. 3, guide pressure pipe blockage or leakage check each connector and check the connection joint and joint leaks. When high side guide pressure pipe leaking, delta P = P + - P - , there will be a delta P value is less than the normal standard, the instrument output directives on the low side. When measuring the dielectric prone to crystalline polymer, or generate the positive pressure chamber of the aggregation of diaphragm was matted with measurement medium crystal, the phenomenon of instrument output instructions will appear on the high side.
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