Coal chemical industry enterprise in the production of radar level meter in the application of case analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-19
1 in this paper, a liquid level measurement is often need to work in the industrial production, many production field need to all kinds of solid and liquid level of the real time status of the container effective monitoring and control, in order to achieve the needed in the whole production process control and calculation of raw materials and intermediates, and finished products. In order for the purpose of people developed various types of hair with material level measurement equipments, measuring principle are different. Traditional has intuitive type such as steel strip, glass tube, also useful, on the basis of the principle of buoyancy or magnetic force, development to the later using ultrasonic guided wave, differential pressure, and so on. Known material level measurement equipments can be divided into the buoyancy type level gauge, static pressure type level gauge, capacitive material level meter, level gauge glass, electrode type level gauge, a tuning fork level JiLeiDa liquid level meter, ultrasonic level meter, the radiation type level gauge, etc. Described in this article is a work based on radar wave of radar level gauge is special containers within the medium level measurement of material level measurement equipments. The working principle of radar level gauge is through the antenna to the measured medium level microwave launch, and then back to measure microwave emission and reflection time and container liquid level instrument. The characteristics of radar level gauge has the following two points: first *, displacement, transmission parts, non-contact measurement, not affected by temperature, pressure, steam, aerosol and the limitation of dust, apply to the viscosity of the medium, toxic or non-toxic health type medium, corrosive medium level measurement [ 2] 。 Two, no measuring radar liquidometer blind area, accuracy, Resolution) Can do is very high, high level measurement error can be up to 1 mm ( Under special circumstances can reach 0. 1毫米) , so it is a precision measuring instrument, can be used as commercial meters [ 2] 。 Tanks, industrial production of all kinds of production, product storage tank and underground tank of liquid level solutions for precise measurement of the whole process plays an important role to the safe operation of equipment. Based on the basic principle of radar level gauge used in the production process, characteristics and influence factors in detail, using of chemical enterprise in the production of radar level gauge measuring instrument selection, installation and management provides reference. First phase of the construction of some factory 1 set of coke production capacity of 600000 t/a tamping coke oven, and subsequent reconstruction and 1 set of 1. 3 million t/a tamping coke oven. Coking process produces a large number of flue gas, its main ingredient is the gas. Through the second phase of the construction of the desulfurization, ammonia, benzene and other technology for gas purification treatment. Product distribution in the whole process of various production tanks, tank and underground tub, the level of its internal medium is an important in the process of the entire process control of process parameters, so how can the real-time accurate liquid level monitoring, ensure reliable operation becomes a very important topic. In order to clear and accurate understanding of the production area of each containers within the medium level or leaks from happening, the changes of needs in the process of coke oven gas purification recycling related equipment working environment within the medium level measurement, understand the container medium distribution in a timely manner. Company in some containers are equipped with radar level meter, and through the network communication equipment and the industrial liquid level monitoring information in a timely manner to the dispatching control center, and by monitoring the equipment real-time monitoring the environment change, the accuracy and timeliness of the test data play an important role in safety production, here are the structure and working principle are introduced in detail. The working principle of radar level gauge 2. 1 overview of radar level meter by the antenna system, electronic components and microprocessors. The role of the antenna system is the echo of microwave pulse to launch and receive, electronic components will time signal is transformed into material level signal, the microprocessor can accurately distinguish level echoes to remove the false. Radar level gauge structure diagram, as shown in figure 1. 2. 2 measuring principle of the radar antenna system of the indicator emitter narrow microwave pulse, the pulse at the speed of light in space communication, met on the surface of measured medium, some of its energy is reflected back, by the same antenna receiving system. Firing pulse and receives the pulse interval and antenna system to the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the distance. By measuring the antenna transmitting wave and medium level between the reflected wave time difference and the relationship between the microwave wave velocity to achieve the container medium level measurement. Due to the high speed of propagation of electromagnetic waves, emission pulse and pulse interval is small ( A nanosecond level) It is difficult to confirm. So you need to adopt a special kind of correlation demodulation technology, can accurately identify the transmitted pulse and receives the pulse interval, thus further calculate the distance on the surface of the antenna to the measured medium [ 3] 。 There are two kinds of radar level gauge, one kind is transmitting frequency is fixed, by measuring the elapsed time of the transmitted wave and reflected wave, and through the electronic components are transformed into material level signal. A special type of time extension method can guarantee the stability of a very short period of time and accurate measurement. Even if the condition is more complex cases, false echo, with a new micro processing technology and debug software can accurately analyze the material level echo [ 4] 。 This kind of radar level gauge operation time and the level distance is t = 2 d/c type in: c: electromagnetic wave propagation speed; D: is the distance between the medium level measurement and measuring probe; T: the probe from the emission of electromagnetic wave to receive the electromagnetic wave reflection of the time, the unit s. Another kind is measured between the transmitted wave and reflected wave frequency is poor, and the frequency difference is converted to electrical signal proportional to the measured liquid level relations. The launch of the liquid level meter is not a fixed frequency, but the first picture of adjustable frequency [ 5] 。
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