Clip type ultrasonic flowmeter measurement pipeline is allowed to several factors

by:KAIDI     2021-01-28
Because clip type ultrasonic flowmeter with other steam flowmeter incomparable advantage, can install the camera in line outside the surface, keep continuous flow, do not destroy the original line traffic measurement. Because it can keep in touch measurement traffic, even within the plug-in or stick type ultrasonic flowmeter, the pressure loss is basically zero, convenience and rationality of its total flow measurement is good. In large size meter scale place with reasonable price, convenient installation using the integrated core competitiveness. Outside the current clip type ultrasonic flowmeter production technology relativity is more maturity, already can play all kinds of oil, gas, water all kinds of material, the use of industry is very broad, so now the production technology of enterprising and related electronic the rapid development of information technology, the future outlook for the future development of acoustic frequency of steam flowmeter is equivalent to the happiness, believe it will in the very near future become everybody accurately measure total flow of steam flowmeter. Dashboard high and new technology industry production of ultrasonic flowmeter for many years, in view of the external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter in the installation of the whole application process all kinds of conditions are equivalent to understand, XY - enterprise production TUB series ultrasonic flowmeter provinces in China in the production of small and medium-sized enterprise give full play to the function. In the specific application, many customers because of the key points of application of the ultrasonic flowmeter grasp is not very good, accurate measurement of the actual effect is not ideal, often have friends know ultrasonic flowmeter can accurately measure whether? After the enterprise's technical communication with me, for outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter installation and application of technical steps and must pay attention to the essential elements of a understanding, cleared for ultrasonic flowmeter accurately measure problem of misunderstanding is prohibited. In this paper, for the customers will often ask about & other; This type of steam flowmeter to measure the accurate? ” Such doubts to friends to do a show that expect to have to carry out the flowmeter selection or has been used ultrasonic flowmeter friends to help. Comment on the quality, the service platform of steam flowmeter is total flow standard devices, according to the years of ultrasonic flowmeter calibration according to carry out statistical analysis, we find: ultrasonic flowmeter rate of all kinds of indexes with other type of steam flowmeter, and when water flow is enough big, the line is very good. So when guys why specific application feel ultrasonic flowmeter accurately measure to ban? According to the survey, analyze the people found out that: the customer therefore ignore below a lot of problem in application. One, does not have the proper on ultrasonic flowmeter measurement carried out all the steam flowmeter verification or calibration must be carried out before application of metrological verification or calibration, portable ultrasonic flowmeter here a bit is very important. Guys, handheld ultrasonic flowmeter are 3 set of cameras can choose ( Large, medium and small) , respectively applicable to different pipe by category, a set of camera, in a certain extent with the server supplement is full set of separate steam flowmeter. If only in a small tube on the total capacity of the standard equipment put small cameras on handheld ultrasonic flowmeter measurement carried out verification or calibration, so the application if you use big camera accurately measure the total capacity of line, as you are in the application of the metrological verification or calibration of the steam flowmeter traffic in precise measurement, the calibration accuracy is can't ensure that, due to the present state of the art can not ensure the tolerance matching of cameras, what's more, the difference of size between camera is one of the independent variable. Should be: therefore, proper ways for reference according to the customer's own application condition, as far as possible in the total capacity of the same or close to the specification and application of piping specification device for the measurement of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter in quite a few line verification or calibration. At least to ensure that the steam flow meter is equipped with a set of cameras have to check. Metrological verification or calibration organization when produce the metrological verification or calibration certificate will test specification and cameras record the serial number on the qualification certificate of purpose is to avoid misunderstanding, the portable ultrasonic flowmeter is equivalent to other fixed specifications of the steam flowmeter of understanding is not correct, this is all some clients with hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter is not very good one. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter on the metrological verification or calibration certificate is dashboard adjustment index are obtained. All kinds of steam flowmeter is because basic principles, manufacture of the school on time get a dashboard index, just different names and forms. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter is because with multiple cameras, can use different specifications and there will be many dashboard adjustment index. In the application of steam flowmeter measurement traffic, to ensure that the appropriate application dashboard adjustment index, don't forget to apply and must take care not to mix, should develop announced before accurate measurement to determine server Settings panel adjustment index is the appropriate good habits.
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