Circle diagram balance recorder must pay attention to when using 7 wiring requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-07
RZ - Summary of BR series chart recorder RZBR series chart recorder is a new kind of product, after the digital potentiometer can be disposable instruments to control the temperature of reaction or, inherited a lot of advantage of digital potentiometer, and the function has made the further expansion, try using the modular design, product precision magneto drive recording mechanism, conductive plastic potentiometer feedback; Digital display, garden figure records; Reasonable structure, high precision, stable and reliable. Commonly used in batch process, the display within the specified period from 1 hour to 31 days of batch run. Product has the advantages of easy to fill out and copy, the recorded data can be used for reference in the later work. Compared with and long diagram recorder is has the characteristics of shorter width adjustable drawing, simple structure, high sensitivity, stable record, easy maintenance, etc. The product is embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. According to the metallurgy, electric furnace, heat treatment, food processing and other industries, the characteristics of specialized research and development of products. In the heart of the instrument parts ( Balance with sliding resistance) , this product USES the conductive plastic potentiometer, improves the resolution, the service life of more than ten times higher than the precious metals wound rotor and replaces the traditional circle diagram of the gear drive structure, reduced the instrument components, so as to improve the reliability of the instrument. RZ - BR series and the principle of the circle diagram recorder in * parameter is converted into dc signal being measured first, input the signal module, linearization, the differential amplifier amplified to 1 VDC or so, and then transfer to the following three loop, * back into the first recording system, by comparing with the reference potentiometer, the output of the positive or negative deviation signal, and then, the mobile power amplifier level driven arc motor, directly hold stylus and reference sliding resistance reaching a new equilibrium, thus forming a fast response without any additional transmission balance of closed loop system. The speed of the servo circuit feedback circuit to further improve the corresponding features quickly, so as to realize no oscillation, no noise, no transmission becomes poor, and the characteristics of the rapid corresponding record. Input to the secondary circuit of digital tube, three and a half to digital LCD display of the input signal, the large display capacity of & plusmn; 1999. Third circuit input to the upper and lower alarm circuit system, by the user manual to realize the system and the lower limit alarm the following shown in figure 2, when the signal is displayed below the lower set point is lower limit relay or absorption, so as to realize the lower limit alarm, when the signal is higher than the upper limit set point is displayed, the ceiling relay suck, so as to realize limit alarm ( Upper and lower alarm has the characteristics of normally open and normally closed shock output) RZ - BR series chart recorder seven connection point 1. Outside the circle diagram balance recorder terminal board at the rear lateral instrument, be installed according to the instrument model, index number, the requirements of the reference manual on the meter housing wiring diagram wiring, not wrong. 2. Instrument signal input lines must be properly connected, the connection between the thermocouple to the instrument must be used instead of dividing, the corresponding compensation wire, compensation conductor with the polarity of the thermocouple must agree. 3. Circle diagram balance recorder and instrument input wires should move away from sparks occur, such as strong as possible interference sources; Can't input wires, power cords, the meter relay control line and other current wire strapping or twisted together, also do not put in the same with the metal tube. 4. Thermal resistance of connections between sensor and instrument adopts three wire system, cannot replace with two line, otherwise it will generate additional error. 5. The grounding wire should be with sensor shell in the same earth and reliable grounding, or pick up the exterior of the instrument panel can't cut the centerline of the grid N instead. 6. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the system, it is recommended that the output contacts when used as a control, use floor normally open contacts; Output nodes is used as the alarm, will use the ceiling normally open contacts. 7. When load current is greater than the circle diagram balance recorder relay contact rated capacity, must be added or intermediate relay contactor; In order to prevent after being accused of ac contactor coil short circuit and burned meter relay, suggest that choose ac contactor; In order to benefit system to run safely for a long time, Suggestions on both ends of ac contactor coil in parallel a 0. 1μ F / 1000 v arcing capacitance. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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