Characteristics and application scope of explosion-proof pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-31
Its products include explosion-proof pressure transmitter integrated intelligent sensor and peripheral circuit. Part of the peripheral circuit is liquid crystal displays, function keys and emc circuit components. Its own pressure signal by the explosion-proof pressure transmitter is converted into electrical signals, after a modem transformation into special digital processing chip so as to realize data processing, and then converted into corresponding to the pressure signal between 4 to 20 ma output signal, and also special digital signal superimposed on the current signal so as to realize the function of communication. The basic characteristics of explosion-proof pressure transmitter product is summarized as the following three points: 1, explosion-proof pressure transmitter is small volume, high stability, high sensitivity, the whole structure of seal welding. 2, several kinds of freedom of choice, ordinary users and debugging is very convenient to operate, product safety, can effectively prevent the lightning activity, but also can prevent radio frequency interference and a series of problems. 3, it has zero/full range adjustable function, also can choose small intelligent integrated LCD display. Explosion-proof pressure transmitter using the high precision, high stability of pressure sensor component, explosion-proof pressure transmitter will be the absolute pressure of measured medium or gauge pressure intelligence into 4 - 20mA、0- 0 - 5 v直流 10 vdc, 1 - 5 VDC electrical signals. Based on the significant advantages of explosion-proof pressure transmitter application industry, its products have been widely used in the following four special industries: 1, industrial workshop pressure testing, the laboratory dedicated pressure calibration system. 2, navigation and ship manufacturing, aerospace and aircraft manufacturing. 3, air separation equipment and power units. 4, energy management system, hydraulic and pneumatic control system.
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