About the right to find and solve the electromagnetic flowmeter method and step of fault

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-18
Within the scope of electromagnetic flowmeter as a flow measurement is widely used instrument, is enjoyed by many of the industrial enterprises. As an enterprise manufacturing electromagnetic flowmeter in the years to provide clients with the process of installation and maintenance, summarized a set of maintenance methods and techniques of electromagnetic flowmeter. We meet to the common situation is: electromagnetic flowmeter launched after a period of time or normal was put into operation instrument work found abnormal, if you have this kind of situation, should be * check meter external situation, * first to determine whether the power supply is good, and then check whether pipeline leaks or in a state of the full package, whether there is air bubbles inside the pipeline, signal cable is damaged, the converter output signal ( After the instrument input circuit) If open circuit. According to the correct steps, bear in mind that blind overhaul flow meter. Sensor check need to prepare test equipment: a multimeter, 500 m & Omega; Insulation resistance tester. Test steps: ( 1) Under the condition of the pipeline with medium, measured with A multimeter terminals A, B and C, the resistance value between A minus C、B - C resistance between thrown to be equal. If differences in 1 times above, may be electrode, measuring the outer wall of pipe leakage or junction box with condensed water adsorption. ( 2) Under the condition of dry lining, MΩ A - table test C、B - The insulation resistance between C ( Should be greater than 200 m & Omega; ) 。 With A multimeter measuring terminal of A and B and the resistance of the measuring tube two electrodes ( Should be a short circuit connected state) 。 If the insulation resistance is small, the leakage of electrode, it should be a complete set of flowmeter factory maintenance. If the insulation fell but there are still a 50 m & Omega; The above and the step ( 1) Test results is normal, may be measuring the outer wall of pipe be affected with damp be affected with damp, available hot air blower to dry inside the shell. ( 3) The multimeter measure the resistance between one of the X, Y, if more than 200 & Omega; , the excitation coil and the lead wire may be open or poor contact. Remove the terminal board. ( 4) Check the insulation resistance between the X, Y, and C, should be in the 200 m & Omega; Above, if fell, shell internally with hot air drying processing. Coil insulation fall in actual operation will lead to a measurement error increases, meter output signal is not stable. ( 5) Determine the sensor failure, please contact with electromagnetic flowmeter, generally the scene could not solve, need to the factory maintenance. Converter such as judgement is converter fault, under the condition of external causes no problem, please contact the electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer, manufacturer will generally take replacement of circuit board. 1 of electrode maintenance. Before using electromagnetic flowmeter, need to use standard the PH of the solution to electromagnetic flowmeter calibration. After calibration before operation, we must pay attention to the first electrodes the electromagnetic flowmeter with distilled water to clean again, and then clean with measuring liquid cleaning electrode again. 2. If you don't use electromagnetic flowmeter, remove the electrode electromagnetic flowmeter, we should pay attention to don't let the noise of electrode pickup collisions with hard objects, otherwise damage as long as it is will affect the use of the electrode. 3. Using electromagnetic flowmeter is done, we should put on the electrode set to set of electromagnetic flowmeter, inside put less saturated solution, as long as the ball bubble ensure electrode is wet, but remember don't soak in distilled water. 4. Usually pay attention to the electrode clean, don't let it appeared on either side of the output short circuit, otherwise will make inaccurate measurement, affect the use of electromagnetic flowmeter. We introduce these are just a few skills in our work, about the maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeter electrode method, there are also a lot of people to pay attention to in the process of use, add summary, felt, after all, it is only through their own practice and summed up the method is applicable and daily maintenance of production must be good at observation, good at analysis, maintenance work must be conducted in accordance with the correct steps, don't cry because it is their a little carelessness caused the damage of the electromagnetic flowmeter, so can't normal use in the future.
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