About the magnetic level gauge turning center distance and visual range ( Scale range), The relation and distinction between

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-17
The concept of magnetic level gauge turning center distance, this site has a special paper, details may refer to: magnetic level gauge turning center distance is to point to? , short center distance is refers to the ( The vertical side) The upper flange center hole of the distance between the center hole of the bottom flange, and the center distance between the two flanges in general is refers to the range of level measurement range. Such as the liquid level measurement range is 3 meters. Then flange center distance is 3 meters. Below we magnetic level gauge chart for turning description: 1, can be seen from the chart, the flange center distance does not represent the overall level gauge length ( Height) 。 Calibration instructions with the flap length ( Height) A little bit longer (center distance than the flange The extra part is the nameplate and the flap at the top of the parts) 。 Why is the length of the whole center distance ratio ( Level measurement range) Long? Because from the chart we can see that when the liquid level scale to 0 or ( Buoyancy principle) Dial 0 and float to the top to align with each other, and then the main pole way down to zero calibration extended, so that leaves float length ( The length of the float depends on the medium density) In the space. It is also as the level of full scale. But also be equipped with drain valve, drain valve operating space also want to consider the factors of the installation space. 2, visual distance is that you can see the liquid level measurement range, in other words, the magnetic level gauge turning visual range standard flange center distance is equivalent to or liquid level measurement range. If users have special requirements, of course, also could be longer, and he said, and special requirements, visual range ( Range), Can be better than the flange center distance ( The real measurement range) Long. The tanks to 1 m, for example, requires measuring range range is 1 m, so the flange center distance is 1 m ( Here, of course, want to consider the distance of the bottom of the tank off the ground enough float length and drain valve operating space) This time, if need to extend visual range, and can be done. As long as in the production of liquid level meter, and extension the main body of magnetic level gauge turning pipe length and the calibration instructions to the length of the flap, and flange center distance remains the same, namely the upper flange and bottom flange installation is still in the 1 m tank top and bottom. ( Of course still considered here at the top of the space distance and the distance from the ground, at the bottom of the, because some occasions are indoors, especially indoor space problem in coping with the roof. And some places at the bottom of the tank is only a piece of steel plate thickness with the ground space, basic close to the ground. Such as the order last week chemical plant of a magnetic liquid level gauge, turning is 5 meters of tank, but due to the bottom of the group is only a steel plate distance from the ground, the space is not enough, so the flange center distance can only do 4 meters 4, ( The vertical side) That is to say from the bottom of the tank bottom flange and 60 cm distance to ensure that the float length and space of the drain valve) 。 As long as the top space is enough, 1 meter of tanks, 1 meter range range, the flap and body pipe can be extended to 1 m 5. Also said, calibration instructions the flap of the visual range into a 1 m 5. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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