About diffusion silicon pressure liquid level transmitter reliability of the measurement system design

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-19
Diffusion silicon pressure sensor is based on single crystal silicon substrate, using the ion implantation technology and micro mechanical processing technology, produced with hui, bridge structure and precision mechanics of silicon sensing element. Measured pressure through the interface effect on silicon sensing element, the applied pressure and the output signal of linear transformation, at present, the diffusion silicon liquid level transmitter measuring system is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, water plant, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, etc. But system should be further improve working reliability, often occurs in the practical application of false positives, misstatement, serious drift phenomenon, and even affect the machine doesn't work, it brings to the system maintenance, maintenance, calibration and application. Diffusion silicon liquid level transmitter, this paper measured the characteristics of the system design, as far as possible to guarantee reliability in the design of system function structure design principle, components selection principle, components selection, derating, tolerance, such as electromagnetic compatibility and environmental protection design idea into the system of the whole design process. From the reliability design of products, trying to spread the silicon liquid level transmitter design level measurement system as an example, for the reliability design of the small intelligent instrumentation to provide some new ideas and methods. System equipment reliability quantitative design involves the system demonstration, model building and calculation of reliability index and reliability index is expected and distribution, etc. Introduced in this paper is based on the reliability of the system as the goal of diffused silicon liquid level transmitter measuring system for integrated design and technological improvement. By the reasonable distribution of the hardware and software of the system function and the selection of key technical problems solution, and compatible design, derating design, anti-interference design reliability guarantee technology improve the diffusion silicon liquid level transmitter measuring accuracy and reliability of the measurement system. This method is of low cost, convenient installation instrument. At the same time, this article also designed for other small intelligent instrument reliability guarantee provides a train of thought and method. The system function and structure of 1. 1 the function of the system function design design depends on the user requirements, as the diffusion silicon liquid level measurement system in the transmitter, should have measurement, calibration, display, range Settings, migration, unit selection, alarm, communication, information processing, control, and other basic functions. On the functional division, information processing can be divided into low information processing and the high information processing, low information processing including display, calibration, range Settings, migration, unit selection, alarm, low-end communications, and other functions; High-end information processing is a liquid level data based development platform, users can according to the actual need to reposition and development. Level measurement based on the measuring object and environment and the precision requirement of different have different measurement principle and method, in can contact measurement, the liquid density measurement by pressure consistent level measurement simulation method is simple, reliable, and high accuracy of measurement can satisfy most applications. Pressure measurement method from the principle of high reliability, and pressure sensor to develop very quickly in recent years, especially the diffusion silicon pressure sensor from range, linearity, stability, etc, had the very big enhancement, small volume, price also is relatively low, the output level millivolt voltage signal, use agile, is one who has a good technical indicators and the design of the reliability of the underlying components. 1. 2 from functional design system structure, system function structure should include pressure measurement module, a signal conversion module, signal transmission module, information processing module, display alarm module and control module. Measuring pressure from a hardware module partition, module, a signal conversion module design together, constitute a pressure transmitting unit. Information processing module, display alarm module, control module and a signal transmission module composition unit of secondary instrument. High-end information processing by microcomputer as a development platform. The system function structure diagram as shown in figure 1. Figure 1 system function structure diagram of Fig. 1 the structure of the system functions2 hardware design 2. 1 secondary instrument of the hardware design of the secondary instrument hardware design mainly includes power supply design, A/D conversion design, microcontroller peripheral circuit design, display, alarm, relay control design, the remote communication design, etc. Power transformer design main consideration should have enough pressure and power derating design, transformer connected to the shield. Analog and digital parts of the secondary instrument and control relay should be made up by different transformer vice coil power supply, in order to prevent large pulse current and power fluctuations. The power supply in the layout of the circuit board should be far away from the signal line part. The selection of A/D conversion chip should focus on the stability and reliability of the product, the product should go through strict aging and screening before they go out. The design of A/D peripheral circuit should pay special attention to the stability of the reference voltage. MCU peripheral circuit design with basic programming, but the hardware and software of the communication port and A/D conversion chip data exchange mode, level measurement to measure the frequency requirement is not high, single-chip microcomputer and A/D conversion chip serial data exchange can be used between the query [ 3, 4] Way, so that the program structure is clear, easy to write and debug. 2. 2 the reliability design of the liquid level transmitter liquid level transmitter becomes as the front-end an instrument system, directly affects the reliability of the measurement and control system and precision index, so when the design must ensure that the reliability and stability. Transmitter design mainly includes the mechanical structure design and electrical design of two parts. Structure design to solve the main problem with the structure of the sensor selection, protection against blocking design, design and seal design, prevent condensation. Electrical design mainly includes the transmitter power protection design, sensors, power supply, signal extraction, amplification and conversion circuit design, etc.
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