Ultra high temperature boiler analysis and study of the new digital intelligent vortex flowmeter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-16
Vortex flowmeter is based on & other; Karman vortex & throughout; The principle of flow measurement instrument. When the stability of fluid flow through a certain length of straight line, the impact of nonlinear cylinder immersed in a fluid, on the downstream side of the fluid will produce whirlpool ( The karman vortex) 。 When the fluid Reynolds number ( 重新) In a certain range, the occurrence rules of vortex is stable and reliable, the vortex frequency F by the formula: F = ( St * V) Determine which/d, V for velocity; D for the cylinder to meet the flow surface width; St for si, ha. Vortex flowmeter can be widely used in large, medium and small various water supply and drainage pipe, industrial circulation, sewage treatment, oil and chemical reagents and compressed air, saturation and superheated steam, gas and all kinds of medium flow rate measurement. The characteristics of vortex flowmeter are also obviously, mainly displays in the following aspects: (1) of the intelligent vortex flowmeter sensor's versatility is very strong, so that the sensor has a good interchangeability sensor of the numerical control equipment table body and spiral body, etc. , to ensure the machining accuracy, so that the parts ( Especially the spiral body) Strong commonality, thus truly will not affect by parts replacement repeatability and precision of the sensor; Can produce a strong and stable vortex signal. (2) ant-vibration performance is very good, no zero drift, high reliability. Of vortex street flowmeter through long time of waveform analysis and spectrum analysis, and the probe of beautiful shape, wall thickness, height, probe rod diameter and piezoelectric crystal, associated with the CNC lathe processing, to ensure that the processing of coaxial degree and bright and clean degree, technical parameters, such as cooperate with special craft processing, thereby to greater level of vortex flowmeter are overcome the influence of the intrinsic self oscillation frequency of the signal of this disease. 3. Simple structure, no moving parts, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance. Don't contact with the medium (4) measurement, stable performance and long service life sensor detection probe with spiral body separate installation, and high temperature piezoelectric crystal seal in detecting probe, not contact with the measured medium, so vortex flowmeter has the characteristics of simple structure, high universality and high stability. (5) output is proportional to the flow of the pulse signal or analog signal, no zero drift, high precision, convenient and computer networking company with wide measuring range, range than can reach 1 to 7) measurement of volume flow vortex flowmeter without compensation, when the vortex of the output signal is actually with a linear relationship with velocity, namely is proportional to the volume flow. The purpose of the pressure and temperature compensation is to get the fluid density, times get volume flow to mass flow, if the measurement of the volume of a gas flow would be no need for compensation. Today the pressure loss is small. With diameter (vortex street flowmeter measurement of combustible gas flow, if the large flow pipe Qmax = 200 m3 / h, the sensor of pressure loss is: delta P = 1. 08× 10 - 6ρ v2( kPa) = 0. 605 KPa pet-name ruby within a certain range of Reynolds number, flow characteristic from the fluid pressure, the influence of the temperature, viscosity, density, composition, is only involved in the body shape and size of the vortex. Attending a wide scope of application, steam, gas, liquid flow rate can be measured.
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