Stick to five elements to promote deeper development of instrument market in China

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-16
Where does that leave China instrument industry in the future? How to occupy the advantage in emerging markets? How to realize the development strategy from home to home? Where is the deep reason of China instrument industry development bottleneck? All these problems are related to the key factor for the future development of the instrument industry in China. According to the market investigation and study, a period of time in the future, China instrument market growth potential is very huge, but the market will change. Especially with & other; Human health & throughout; Closely related to food, environment, pharmacy, life sciences still has a larger market opportunity. Chinese instruments to the development of the market, to domestic, domestic market does not relax this big cake, facing the market from domestic companies eyeing plan, our chances of survival and the development of? 2014 - In 2017, in the field of environmental protection equipment market is & other; Outshine others & throughout; , according to statistics released in recent years the winning information, environmental protection, food medicine, medical and health care have occupied the government testing institutions and research institutes to purchase amount of the top three; A lot of bidding information display, environmental equipment manufacturers more and more involved in the field of environmental monitoring, infrastructure, operations, monitoring instrument integration is a trend. In 2015, focused on the State Council and the ministry of the recent soil environmental protection and comprehensive management work arrangement, the action plan for the control of air pollution, the water pollution prevention plan of action 'three big plans to carry out the situation. Since 2017, the State Council and related ministries and commissions to the requirement of domestic environmental governance and polluting enterprises increasingly tightened, some enterprises have shut down production, through the eia associated with pollution prevention, such as the sewage flow meter, sewage treatment and other key words has been the domestic each big search engine keywords. 2009 - In 2016 our country instrumentation industry sales revenue ( Units: one hundred million yuan, %) Automation instrument as the measurement and testing technology concentrated reflection instrument science and technology subject, in today's role in the development of our country's national economy and science and technology has become increasingly apparent. Instrumentation products are widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, culture and education of health, people's life and other fields, in the strong market demand driven and the national macroeconomic regulation and control policy guidance, instrument and meter industry development in our country had great progress. Although has achieved great development, but the key on automation control system and field instrument and precision testing instruments and other fields, and domestic levels still have big disparity in our country. This is also the instrument and meter industry development in China and a goal, achieve development, catch up, leading the domestic technology level. The instrument and meter industry how to development of our country of the future? A, further enhance our country instrumentation technology and level, to comply with the industrial development trend, at the same time of solid conventional varieties, further development of intelligent instrument and meter, enhance the level of digital, intelligent, integrated industry. Is necessary to use new technology, such as the frequency control of motor speed, motor, low consumption, new micro piezoelectric ceramic I/P converter, bluetooth communication technology, intelligent, and development of new technologies such as fieldbus to smart actuators, etc. Second, our product quality and reliability has been a big flaw in the instrumentation industry development, also is must solve the problem. Instrument and meter industry in China in the future to improve product reliability, applicability and performance. In fact in some product areas, our country independent research and development of products has reached the domestic level in terms of performance and functionality, but just slightly smaller in terms of reliability and adaptability. This is also the instrumentation industry in the future development of our country should solve one of the main bottlenecks, to make domestic instrument has the domestic market more competitive. Third, further enrich the instrument specifications, such as 1 kpa micro under low pressure, height of more than 800 kpa pressure range, 16 mpa above high static pressure, and specifications of the domestic transmitter, such as corrosion resistance, all needs to be rich. These products can meet the requirements of special applications, if can't production, caused greatly restricted the development of its application. Fourth, further enhance the automation degree and precision of the products. Instrument automation degree is not high enough in our country, some artificial manipulation is required. In today's computer technology widespread application, in order to get higher efficiency, reduce labor intensity, it is necessary to further with the aid of computer technology, instrument automation degree of ascension. Accuracy of measurement should be gradually improved, such as flow meter, measuring instrument, such as higher precision can make the instrument more reliable, wider application range. Five, at present our country instrumentation products, mainly concentrated in the medium market, and high-end market is mainly dominated by domestic brands. In some high-end field, domestic products or even blank, which requires future instruments to high-end market in our country, expand a high grade product. Domestic instruments in technology, performance, reliability, quality, high-end development, automation, precision, instrument and meter industry in China's market share will boost domestic instrument in progress, but due to the prejudice has always been, make domestic instrument suffered a lot of questions. How to crack this problem, need to adhere to the quality of China's enterprises, studies assiduously. Over the next 10 years, our country intelligent manufacturing equipment ( Including multi-purpose calorific power meter) Industry, there will be a period of strategic opportunities of development, instrument manufacturers should seize this opportunity, to transform and upgrade traditional industry and strategic emerging industry development needs, in view of the manufacturing process of perception, analysis, decision-making, control and execution, fusion integrated manufacturing, information and intelligent technology, to realize the automation and intelligent manufacturing, lean and green.
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