Static pressure type level measuring instrument installation shall meet the following requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-28
1, single flange type level gauge meter connector ( Nozzle) Distance from tank bottom should be greater than 300 mm, and the ease of maintenance. 2, far eastone double flange type differential pressure level meter installation height should not be higher than under takes pressure flange on the container, and accurate to calculate the amount of zero and negative transfer: to fixed conducting capillary application Angle or steel tube, the environment temperature change is big place of heat insulation measures should be taken. 3, the installation of the differential pressure transmitter to measure liquid level shall meet the following requirements: a) Take pressure meter connection head up and down, Nozzle) Should be greater than the required distance between measurement range; Take pressure meter connector (under Nozzle) Distance from tank bottom should not less than 200 mm, and avoid the liquid smoke exports: remove pressure meter connector ( Nozzle) Spray from the gas phase entrance, failing to avoid impingement measures should be taken; b) Measurement of volatile or easy condensation medium level, should be on the suction side ( The gas phase) Add isolation cans or under pressure on both sides of the pot, and precisely calculate the quantity of zero and negative transfer; c) When measuring steam boiler drum level, should be installed temperature since the compensating balance container, and appropriate to the guide of pressure pipe heat and heat insulation. 4, plug-in counter blowing method is used to measure liquid level, the pilot insertion end of pressure pipe from the tank bottom distance of at least 200 mm, and the cutting slope shape.
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