Single flange level transmitter in use matters needing attention

by:KAIDI     2021-02-13
Single flange level transmitter is by measuring pulse dampers and on both sides of the insulation on the electric level by a high voltage capacitor, touch with raw materials parts with excellent acid-proof alkaline, applies to non-ferrous metal, chemical industry, environmental protection, power plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical, textile, meat products, water conservancy and other manufacturing oil level, material level, water oil page, continuous detection of bubble at the end of the page. Single flange level transmitter in the application process should pay attention to consider the following: 1, the determination of the liquid pressure, the union of the liquid level transmitter installation parts should prevent liquid impact ( And water hammer) In case the controller overvoltage destruction. 2, frozen in single flange level transmitter in the winter, outdoors under the transmitter is necessary to use protective countermeasures, prevent lead pressure oral liquid for frozen capacity aspect, cause the controller is damaged. 3, wiring, cable across the waterproof connector, Note) Or around the tube nut tightening the seal, and prevent the precipitation etc. According to the cable leakage into the transmitter housings. 4, single flange level transmitter, when the liquid pressure is measured in selecting pressure should be located in step a side line, in order to prevent the heavy slag deposition. 5, to avoid union liquid transducer and irritating or overtemperature touch of material, also want to avoid the residue in the tube and igneous rock; 6, in the determination of gas pressure, the pressure mouth will set in steps to the top of the line, and union liquid level transmitter will install in step with the top of the line is easy to let the igneous rock liquid rapidly introduced into the steps of the pipeline. 7, single flange level transmitter to pay more attention to the controller of pressure pipe to be installed in the temperature fluctuation of small area; 8, the determination of single flange level transmitter steam or other high temperature material, need to add the cache line, Duct) Such as cooler, cannot make the transmitter operating temperature is beyond the limit.
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