Magnetic flap level gauge how to realize the high and low level alarm

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-31
Magnetic level gauge, turning is inspcetion measuring element, double column can be driven by magnetic magnetic coupling effect, without power, suitable for high temperature to low temperature and vacuum to high pressure situations, such as oil, chemical industries such as part of the ideal level measurement equipment. We often need to be in the process of production of magnetic level gauge to turning a kind of high and low level alarm function, and to control the production steadily, so magnetic flap the level alarm effect how? Small make up to introduce: above hi-lo alarm magnetic level gauge with float as the measuring element turning, magnetic steel column display drive, without energy. Users can in magnetic flap on the level set by the user, the director of the channel, the lower limit position controller installed, since the inner controller with keep the role of reed switch, the use of magnetic float level with the mobile so that reed switch action, realize the alarm or limit control. Switch is composed of dry reed pipe and circuit module, compact structure, strong and durable. It can be divided into the normal liquid level control switch according to the use, with maintained ( Memory) Liquid level control switch and thermal belt ( Memory) Type control switch. The liquid level control switch in the form of a bundle is fixed on the outer edge of the UHZ type magnetic flap level gauge, make its level in the same field system, when the magnetic float move up and down with the liquid level, corresponding to the liquid level position of dry reed pipe suction, the effect of the magnetic field inside the float through signal conversion module will change into a passive switch signal output, if it is a new type of alarm switch can keep led signal, until return to induction signal arrival released, can be easily used with all kinds of instruments, thus achieve the purpose of control and alarm. Each magnetic level gauge with multiple alarm switch is turning. Through the alarm switch can be achieved level high and low alarm, automatic control level within the tank is worth high and low. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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