In outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter in addition to the advantages of brine flow measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-08
In electric power production, in addition to the dosage of the salt water in power plants is quite big, how to effectively measure in addition to salt water has always been a headache. According to the traditional way of flowmeter lectotype, usually choose orifice meter, or the turbine flowmeter. A friend would ask: why not use electromagnetic flowmeter? There is need to popularize a use common sense about electromagnetic flowmeter, due to the working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction; Conductive liquid for cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field movement, the potential is induced in the conductor, which is measured by the flow of fluid in pipe, please note that measurement must be conductive liquid medium it is very important, this is the basic requirement of electromagnetic flowmeter can work normally. Although the electromagnetic flowmeter, high precision, stable operation, in general measurement medium, such as sewage, ionized water, acid and alkali salt solution is no problem, but because of the power plants in addition to the low content of salt ions, low conductivity, the conductivity but can't reach the requirement of the measurement, so the flow of electromagnetic flow meter in addition to salt water can't be measured. Orifice flowmeter and the turbine flowmeter is belong to the traditional flowmeter types, because the measuring components need to direct contact with measured medium, there is also a choke, poor accuracy, installation problems such as shortcomings. Its effect is also not too ideal. On-site inspection, we found in the use of this kind of traffic time there are many shortcomings. Also have customers in consulting our technology department, mention used metal rotameter, measurement is no problem, because it is centrifugal pump dozen of desalting water, often got stuck debris, and frequent start-stop pump, rotor are often destroyed! Ask any more measuring instrument and methods. Against this general situation, according to our experience, recommend you to choose a model for RZ - 1158 c series outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter, using the measured in addition to the brine flow effect is very good. Recommended for the following reasons: 1, this is outside the clip-on significant difference between the ultrasonic flow meter is different from the electromagnetic flowmeter, the clip is not affected by fluid conductivity type ultrasonic flowmeter, accurately measuring electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the electrical conductivity of low water or other fluid. 2, outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter accuracy completely conform to the requirements of the measurement, the precision is usually & plusmn; 1%, after correction & plusmn; 0. 5%. 3, due to its outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter measurement probe outside wall, closely connected with the pipe by coupling agent, not directly contact with the measured medium, there is no choke, its operation life can be very good guarantee. 4, strong anti-jamming ability, wide amplitude, power supply can meet the needs of the scene. 5, outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter installation is also very convenient, as long as the outer tube with the outer clamp sensor can, avoid to cut off the pipeline and pollution in addition to salt water. We recommend the RZ - 1158 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter is a very good flow measurement products, very suitable for PVC, cast steel and stainless steel pipe material flow measurement, such as its not only suitable for measuring the electromagnetic flow meter and other products is not up to low permeability in addition to salt water or pure water, also suitable for other types of fluid medium, the accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter to measure liquid flow is almost not affected by measurement of body temperature, the effects of parameters such as pressure, viscosity, density, solved the other type is difficult to measure by instrument of strong corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, radioactive and flammable and explosive medium flow measurement problem. Since the market, sales have been very hot. The installation and debugging is also quite convenient, in use process have any problems can be through the communication with technical support personnel, directly. In this paper, by sorting.
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