In 2015 our country the size of the market or the heat meter up to 5. 9 billion

by:KAIDI     2021-02-05
Recently, research institutions, research shows that policy drive the smart meter market development potential is huge. Ultrasonic heat meter has high measuring accuracy, good stability, strong durability, not easy jam etc advantages. By 2015 annual sales of nearly 13. 5 million only the heat meter in our country, the market scale will reach 5. 9 billion yuan. Ultrasonic heat meter with high measuring accuracy, long service life, stable and reliable product characteristics as the heat meter market leading products. In large diameter industrial water meter on the market, the future ultrasonic water meter growth mainly comes from the alternative to the traditional mechanical water meter and new demand continues to grow. “ A home a table & throughout; Machine ladder water price policy to accelerate the implementation of small household intelligent water meter market demand rapid growth over the next two years. From two aspects of the old table replacement and installation of the new table estimates, 45. 5 million the total annual demand small water meter, intelligent water meter 15% permeability calculation, small demand of intelligent water meter in about 6. 8 million. “ Five-year & throughout; During the ground level above cities in northern heating energy saving 50% mandatory standard of existing buildings completed heat metering reformation, according to the measured in terms of heat charge. If calculated according to 100 worth square meters, at the end of 2012, when the new heating area of the demand for heat meter for 4. 46 million only, the aggregate demand for heat meter is 51. 84 million only. By the end of 2012, the national accumulative total sales of 9. 1 million, the heat meter market penetration is only 17. 5%, the future development space is huge. Estimates that in 2013 ~ 2015, heat meter sales growth rate above 30%. Assumptions by 2015, heating area are rising by 10% a year growth, and reform in 2015 has been finished. That by 2015, compared with 14 years 6 heating area of growth. 300 million square meters, with worth covers an area of 75 square meters, 8. 4 million new meter. In addition, the stock of meter replacement estimate since 15 years later, its future market also has a good increment. Shares of directors, assistant general manager, Marketing Department minister said Ricky so, at present, our country heat meter production and management of more than 100 enterprises, mainly concentrated in the northern region, mostly private small and medium-sized enterprises, production on a smaller scale, technical level is relatively high, the lack of leading enterprises have absolute advantage. But with the development of the market, some production companies began to gradually grow up. Jinhu county kaidi automation instrument equipment factory is a key measurement and control engineering of complete sets of units, chemical, metallurgical department, ministry, light ministry sentinel production enterprises. The main production flow meter, transmitter, regulator control system design, development, production and device assembly technology sales and service work. I plant production of electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter and vortex precession flowmeter, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter has access to relevant certification and honor. Our factory is a province & other; Star enterprise & throughout; , provincial & other; High and new technology enterprise & throughout; , provincial & other; Contract keeping promises units throughout the &; , enterprise credit grade AAA, complete quality guarantee system, and through the IS09001 quality system certification. Our factory has a group of long engaged in the design of the automatic control research, development, installation and debugging of professional high-tech talent, for various industries to provide a complete system. Strong professional team, accumulated abundant technology and management experience, covering the national marketing network and branch offices, can quickly, convenient for the user to provide technical services. In the era of Internet commerce tide, our factory set up the electronic commerce, relying on professional network technology and electronic commerce trade measures, implementation of traditional economy and resource integration as well as a wide range of develop the market rapidly. Our factory has been established with good prestige and the high quality service with regional manufacturers set up long-term and stable business trade partnership.
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