Electronic weighing module in the special application in the process of chemical production

by:KAIDI     2021-01-11
Electronic weighing module is the combination of weighing sensor and bearing structure, special application structure is actually a sensor. It is widely used in chemical plant ingredients in the process of production system and the precise measurement of the filling system. Compared with the traditional electronic truck scale, a new generation of electronic weighing module has a flexible assembly, cheap, without the limitation, convenient maintenance. In addition to the above special occasions, electronic weighing module can also get other special occasions in the chemical production process application significantly. The first point: this method can be used for chemical liquid storage tanks during the production of accurate measurement. At present, most of the metering device for chemical storage and filling material is flowmeter, metering pump, level meter, etc. , the flowmeter has the characteristics of high measuring accuracy, easy installation and debugging. General installation in the import and export, warehousing and the irrigation pipe materials. Is used to measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of pipeline fluid, mainly for the flow measurement and control system, but the downside is measured. Installation conditions and temperature change has a great influence on the quantitative accuracy. In order to calculate the material weight of water irrigation, the import and export flow meter need to connect to the accumulator or DCS system. Its accuracy affected by various factors. At present, the electromagnetic flowmeter and mass flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, and other products is the most widely used products on the market, but the product is expensive, difficult to calibration. It is seldom used in industry. In recent years, weighing module has been widely used in chemical production process, as the storage and irrigation material precision measurement. Its characteristic is easy installation, low cost. It is not restricted by space shape and water irrigation. It has high measure precision, easy calibration. It can be used as a instrument of inside and outside the warehouse storage and irrigation material, also can be used for process control. Usually, it can be used according to the shape of the tank and shape. Can choose according to different installation way three or four weighing module, especially suitable for the quantitative feeding system in the process of chemical production. The second point: suitable for level measurement and control of the chemical production process. In general, the liquid level measuring device in the process of chemical production differential pressure level meter, ultrasonic level meter, the magnetostrictive liquid level meter, float level gauge, etc. In the process of chemical production under special circumstances, weighing module in liquid level measurement system plays an important role. For example, do not need to use heavy calibration when debugging. When the material level is empty, need to calibrate zero. Output current can be according to the height of material level than in more than 50% of the total range of the calibration. After calibration, the output current is the same as the basic material level height. This is a linear relationship. The third point: it can be used to measure and control the liquid density of chemical reactor. Lithium chloride in the salt industry and chemical plant production process, often need to control liquid level and density in the reactor. When the liquid level is fixed, how to detect the liquid density is a problem of the technical personnel. On-line densimeter measurement commonly used products, it is difficult to overcome the effects of high temperature and high pressure. And the price is expensive and high accuracy of measurement. Is not high also, calibration difficulty, had certain influence of continuous production. Using electronic weighing module can solve this problem. Weighing module selection principles and batching system and filling system is basically the same. According to the shape of the reactor, the installation of three or four weighing module. Water and electricity flows through the weight for our transmitter into 4 ~ 20 ma current is used as the input signal display and control system. When the liquid level fixed reactor, the original brine is regarded as the current weight density. Use weighing module as density test device, with low cost, convenient installation, high precision, etc, compared with other types of densitometer has incomparable advantages.
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