Electromagnetic flowmeter 17 points that should pay attention to in engineering application

by:KAIDI     2021-01-09
In petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, municipal, pharmaceutical and other industries, the flow measurement technology difficulty and complexity are high, the flow measurement for improving product quality, reduce business operating costs, energy conservation and environmental protection play an important role in solving. Pressure loss of the electromagnetic flowmeter has no resistance, no advantage, can reduce the resistance of the pipe fully, accord with the requirement of saving energy and reducing consumption, and electromagnetic flowmeter are received considerable attention in the industry. But though electromagnetic flowmeter has the advantages, and in terms of reliability and stability are much better than most other types of flow meter, but in the process of actual use, or will happen some problems, the following instrument and meter plant list for you about electromagnetic flowmeter in engineering applications need to be aware of the point. 1, the transmitter to choose at any time the location of the measurement can be filled with a liquid intraductal for installation, in order to prevent the result of the measurement of intraductal no liquid illusion caused by pointer is not zero. Had better be vertical installation, reduce the liquid flow through the error caused by bubbles on the electrode. If placed, the flow meter of two electrodes must be kept in the same horizontal plane, in order to prevent sediment or in the air to make it on the top of the pipe insulation. 2, if necessary, can let the empty tube, the built-in atc testing lines, stops and traffic signal output. 3, with the help of anodic protection of flow of fluid in pipe, install electromagnetic flow timing, should follow the following points: in order to allow fluid to good grounding, to use the ring; Sensor connected with pipes, flanges should have insulation pad, also want to invest in use on the screw. 4, when the electromagnetic flowmeter is grounded in the installation of metal pipe road, through the electromagnetic flow meter transducer on the earthing terminal to realize the potential balance system, namely through the cross-sectional area of not less than 6 was copper wire connected to the earthing terminal; When electromagnetic flow meter installed in the grounding of metal pipe, the two flange through a cross-sectional area for at least six was the copper wire connected to pipe flange, and grounding; The transmitter or sensor junction box are connected to the earthing terminal, achieve the equilibrium of the system potential, When electromagnetic flow meter installed in plastic pipe or pipe insulation lining, through additional ground loop to realize the potential balance system, grounding ring by cross-sectional area for at least six of copper wire was connected to the earthing terminal. 5, electromagnetic flow meter should be installed in the indoor dry ventilated place, avoid installation where the ambient temperature is too high, should not be affected by a strong vibration, as far as possible to avoid a strong magnetic field equipment, such as motor, transformer, etc. , avoid installed in corrosive gases, installation location convenient for maintenance, this is to ensure the normal operation of the transmitter of environmental conditions. 6, in order to ensure that the electromagnetic flow meter measuring tube full of measured medium, change idea is best installed vertically, flow from bottom to top, especially for the liquid-solid two phase flow, must be installed vertically. If only allow level field installation, it must ensure that the two electrodes in the same horizontal plane. 7, electromagnetic flow meter should be installed on both ends and the bypass valve. 8, the electrode measured by electromagnetic flow meter several millivolt ac potential, is based on potential liquid in the transmitter. In order to make the fluid potential and fluid to maintain stability and a transmitter, a measure to ensure the steady, shell and tube ends should have a good grounding in the transmitter, the converter shell can also, grounding resistance is not greater than 10 ohms, and cannot be Shared with other electrical equipment grounding line. If cannot guarantee transmitter shell good contact with metal pipes, metal wires connect them up, and reliable grounding. 9, in order to avoid the interference signal, the signal between the transmitter and transducer with shielding wire transfer, are not allowed to put the signal cable and power line parallel, within the same cable steel tube length of signal cable in general should not exceed 30 m. 10, converter installation location should avoid, ac and dc magnetic field and vibration environment temperature for - 20 ~ 50 ℃, and not contain corrosive gas, the relative humidity is not more than 80%. 11, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter, reduce the measuring error, electromagnetic flowmeter should meet the requirements of straight pipe before and after. According to JJG1033 - 2007 verification regulation of electromagnetic flowmeter test standard requirements, usually 10 d, straight pipe should be met before a straight pipe should be after 5 d. 12, installation location. Electromagnetic flow meter can be installed in a vertical, horizontal or vertical installation, but recommended and is the current body is flowing from bottom to top. Also can be installed horizontally, but to make the two electrodes in the same horizontal plane. Level when installation to ensure that when the measuring tube is filled with liquid. In the head line is vertical line, under normal circumstances, the required flow is from bottom to top, try not to from top to bottom. The latter is likely to cause flow fluctuation is larger. Installed in addition to the full package, it is also important, followed by the distance of straight pipe before and after. Choose easy maintenance, convenient place. Meter should be installed in the pump back end, must not be installed on suction side, the valve should be installed in the flow downstream. 13, due to the potential electromagnetic flowmeter measurement is weak, the need to eliminate all interference can be measured accurately, and good grounding is a necessary condition for ensuring the electromagnetic flowmeter work stable. Grounding is usually by grounding rings or sensor in the reference electrode and piping system grounding connection. 14, the installation of the flowmeter place to stay away from all the magnetic source ( Such as high-power motors, transformers, etc. ) 。
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