About the time difference of the working principle of ultrasonic flowmeter and related application technology measures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-19
Ultrasonic flowmeter into the history of human production activities probably began in the 90 s of the 20th century, but the real human control the generation of ultrasonic technology to the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, because in physics has made the invention of the piezoelectric effect and inverse piezoelectric effect to after breakthrough, the use of ultrasonic electronics technology solution, for the ultrasonic future development laid a solid foundation, has quickly opened the history of development and promotion of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic technology has been widely used in areas such as engineering, medicine, biology, human production and life has been closely related with ultrasound technology. People can hear the sound is produced by vibrating object, its frequency in 20 hz - 20 KHZ range, more than 20 KHZ called ultrasonic, less than 20 hz are called sound. Commonly used for tens of KHZ - ultrasonic frequency A few MHZ. Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration of elastic medium, has two forms: horizontal oscillation ( Shear wave) And longitudinal oscillation ( Longitudinal wave) 。 The types of ultrasound in industrial production is mainly longitudinal oscillation. Ultrasonic can travel in gas, liquid and solid, its propagation speed is different. In addition, it also has the phenomenon of refraction and reflection, and in the process of transmission attenuation. Ultrasound in the air, its frequency is low, generally for a few KHZ, and is available in solid, liquid, frequency is higher. Attenuated fast in the air, and spread in the liquid and solid, small attenuation, spread far away. Hominids with the characteristic of ultrasonic, made into all kinds of ultrasonic sensor, through the collocation of different measuring circuit and the cell, it can be made into all kinds of ultrasonic measuring instruments and devices. Gas ultrasonic flowmeter application began in the 1990 s, because some of its outstanding advantages: high measuring accuracy, wide range than, no pressure loss, no moving parts, low installation fee, get the welcome of the user. It is the orifice flowmeter, turbine flowmeter after the third class is suitable for high pressure, large diameter and high accuracy of gas flow meter. Due to technical limitations, people used to study the main is ultrasonic liquid flow meter. With the science and technology especially the development of electronic technology and sensor technology, ultrasonic gas flowmeter is paid attention to by the people day by day, and began to gradually to the real use, widely. Most by measuring the short tube and insert tube wall transducer of the integration of form, due to the low measurement accuracy, 1. 5%F. S~2. O % F。 S) Natural gas, in the past failed to expensive by trade settlement measurement field. Now it's successful application in gas industry breakthrough. Due to the high accuracy and low maintenance cost, multichannel gas ultrasonic flowmeter was accepted by the gas industry, it is after the gas turbine flowmeter was accepted by the gas industry important gas flow measuring instruments. It has been more national government agencies approved gas ultrasonic flowmeter for legal measuring instruments.
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