Silicon piezoresistive type diffusion silicon pressure sensor structure and principle

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-08
Silicon piezoresistive type diffusion silicon pressure sensor is of high precision semiconductor resistance strain gauge, hui, a bridge as a force measuring circuit of the electric transformation, has high measure precision, lower power consumption and low cost. Hui piezoresistive sensor, a bridge, such as pressure changes, the output is zero, almost no electricity. Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter will figure _ _ product west source technology series silicon piezoresistive type diffusion silicon pressure sensor is fixed circular stress surrounding the cup silicon membrane wall, the west source technology independent research and development technology directly to the four high precision system of semiconductor strain for a moment on the surface stress is the most big, composed of huis measuring bridge, as a force measurement circuit, electrical transformation will pressure the quantities directly into electricity, its measurement precision can reach 0. 25 - 0. 5%FS。 Silicon piezoresistive type diffusion silicon pressure sensor layer is vitreous, up and down the middle is silicon, silicon central made a stress cup, the upper stress silicon film has a vacuum chamber, make it become a typical pressure diffusion silicon pressure sensor. This side contact stress silicon thin film and vacuum chamber by lithography to generate resistance strain gauge bridge circuit. When the lead into the pressure chamber pressure sensor outside stress cup, stress silicon thin film will summon up slightly, because of external force, and elastic deformation occurs, which led to the resistance change of four resistance strain gauge, destroyed the original huis balance bridge circuit, bridge output voltage is proportional to the pressure of the signals. Pressure diffusion silicon pressure sensor directly on the sensor diaphragm ( Stainless steel or ceramic) , make diaphragm micro displacement is proportional to the medium pressure, the sensor's resistance to change, and use electronic circuit to detect the change, and the transformation output of a standard measurement signal corresponding to the pressure.
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