Magnetic flap liquid level meter in the measurement of solvent oil hydrogenation unit level float damage analysis and solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-03
Magnetic level gauge turning main structure parts are led tube, float, display panel, pipe, connecting flange, drain valve and so on several parts, in use process, easy to produce parts focused on the display panel of the flap of the problem or bead can't display properly, and float in the tube by measuring the dirt and impurities in the medium and the influence of block, to the normal float cannot lift, liquid level display abnormal. This article mainly for solvent oil hydrogenation unit of high pressure separator V101 magnetic flap liquidometer float damage problem, magnetic flap for the level of structure, principle and conditions of use are introduced. On the maglev force, etc, on the basis of the discussion of substructure and inspcetion compression deformation of the main causes of failure were analyzed, put forward measures for the improvement of float structure. 1 introduction solvent oil hydrogenation unit in 2011 & other; Green solvent oil quality technology upgrade & throughout; Project engineering, the device scale up to 30000 tons/year from 60000 tons/year. Among them the original high pressure separator V101 size of high pressure separator. Putting-in-service proactively in March 2012, the high pressure separator, magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion torn deformation, liquid level meter cannot be used again. Cause the liquid level of the high pressure separator not observed, the serious influence plant safety in production, in order to ensure the high pressure separator magnetic flap level gauge can the use of safer, more stable, more reliable, for inspcetion technical renovation. 2 magnetic flap liquid level meter, the principle, structure and related parameters of the inspcetion magnetic flap liquid level gauge is based on magnetic float sensing elements, and through the magnetic float and display color of the coupling of magnetic body, reflecting the measured liquid level or interface. Magnetic liquid level meter and the measured container turning connectors, guarantee is measured between the container and the measuring tube body equal level. When the float level gauge measuring tube as the measured liquid level changes, the magnetic float body and the article shows the amount shown in the color table on the magnetic body, make its turn, red liquid, white said aneroid, achieve the goal of in situ accurate display liquid level. Inspcetion liquidometer related parameters and the specifications in table 2. 13 inspcetion damage analysis inspcetion is made up of seven tube section and two head welding and become, the position of the deformation occurred in the third and fourth cone section, and from the weld between second and third tube section. As shown in figure 3. 1. The liquid level float as part of the totally enclosed, inside there are nitrogen, cylindrical structure. For thin-walled shell under external pressure, sometimes will suddenly lose their prototype squashed or wrinkle phenomenon, the stress from a mere inside the wall into the bending stress is mainly compressive stress. When the external pressure exceeds the critical pressure, the shell permanent deformation. Therefore require work pressure than the critical pressure is small. 3. 3 1 inspcetion damage analysis calculation. 1. 1 the classification of the cylindrical vessels under external pressure we can through the calculation of critical length to distinguish three types of cylinder under external pressure. Conclusion to sum up, 5 inspcetion of spherical head and cylinder wall thickness is 1. 4 mm, barrel length is 250 mm, 59 mm outside diameter, inside filling nitrogen pressure is 6. 5 mpa, does not contain internal stiffening ring, the material is still 316. Have such parameters of inspcetion can be suspended in liquid medium, can also meet our pressure strength of the actual production conditions, but also remove the inspcetion internal stiffening ring, reduced the inspcetion manufacturing process, reduce the inspcetion manufacturing cost.
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