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KAIDI ultrasonic level meter suppliers for industrial

KAIDI ultrasonic level meter suppliers for industrial
  • KAIDI ultrasonic level meter suppliers for industrial

KAIDI ultrasonic level meter suppliers for industrial

KAIDI ultrasonic level meter is manufactured with high-quality electric components. All of the materials used in these electric components have excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, electric performance, and easy to shape. The baking paint treatment has made it vivid and rich
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Feature:  Various patented antennas, anti-condensation, anti-hanging material, the minimum emission angle is 8 degrees. Solve the blindness of 6G radar in the small tank

       Large area, multiple echo problem.

Should be used:   is widely used in the measurement of various liquid levels. Such as: oil tank, etc.

Maximum range:  30m

Measurement accuracy:  ±3mm

Antenna material:  (T type) stainless steel 316L horn/PTFE vibrator

      (V type) stainless steel 316L/PTFE vibrator

Antenna structure:   (T type) pointed cone vibrator, poor anti-condensation

      (V type) cone vibrator, anti-condensation

Process temperature:  (T type)(-40250)°C

      (V type)(-40200)°C 

Process pressure:  (T type)(-0.14)MPa

      (V type)(-0.10.3)MPa

Frequency range:  26GHz

Signal output:  (420)mA/HART

Electric source:  Two-wire system/four-wire system


Detailed introduction:



P Standard type (non-explosion-proof)

I Intrinsically safe type (Ex ia IIC T1T6)

Antenna type/material

B (T type) horn antenna Φ48mm/stainless steel 316L

C (T type) horn antenna Φ78mm/stainless steel 316L

H (T type) horn antenna Φ98mm/stainless steel 316L

I (T type) horn antenna Φ98mm (extended)/stainless steel 316L

J (T type) Horn antennaΦ123mm/Stainless steel 316L

M (V type) horn antenna Φ98mm/stainless steel 316L/PFA430 cover

N (V type) horn antenna Φ98mm (extended)/stainless steel 316L/PFA430 cover

P (V type) horn antenna Φ123mm/stainless steel 316L/PFA430 cover

X Special custom seal/process temperature

2 Viton(-60150)

3 Kalrez(-60250)

Electronic components

B (420)mA/HART two-wire system

C (420)mA/(22.826.4)V DC /HART two-wire/four-wire system

D (198242)V AC/HART four-wire system

Enclosure rating

A Aluminum/IP67

B Plastic/IP66

D Aluminum two-chamber/IP67

G Stainless steel 316L/IP67

H stainless steel two-chamber 316L/IP67

Cable entry

M M20x1.5


On-site display/programming

A belt

X without

Note: Intrinsically safe type (Ex ia IIC T1T6) can only use "B" electronic components and "A" "G" type shell

The standard flange size refers to GB/T9119-2000 PN1.6MPa size, and the thickness is 15.

KAIDI liquid level transmitter has passed the prescribed tests. The testing mainly includes verifying appliance characteristics, measuring energy efficiency and consumption, and assuring electrical safety. The finish plated surface is smooth and exquisite
The manufacturing processes of KAIDI ultrasonic level meter involve several requirements. They mainly include the insulating performance for materials and safety testing for operation. The product has a ready market among kids
The manufacture of KAIDI liquid level transmitter is in compliance with international standards. It is manufactured under the products inspection and quality control protocols which are constantly upgraded based on the latest and most relevant international standards concerning the industry. It can be electroplated with finishes, such as gold, copper, nickel, silver, etc
KAIDI liquid level transmitter goes through rigorous quality tests. Its light absorption, energy transforming, and energy utilization capacity are professionally tested in the field sites. With a protective layer of finish, it is not prone to get oxidized
KAIDI liquid level transmitter is professionally designed. The design is carried out by our professionals who aim to provide flexible sight and sound separation and to control the atmosphere and experience of the space. The product's surface features high metal gloss
The product has a good seaming effect. Any dirt, grease, and moisture are not likely to seep into the cabinet body. This product is sold to famous brands, such as Disney, DHL, LONGINES, Walmart, or DELL
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