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58 Radar submersible capacitive ultrasonic level transmitter price water level transmitter

58 Radar submersible capacitive ultrasonic level transmitter price water level transmitter
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Features:  Various patented antennas, anti-condensation, crystallization, hanging material, dust, beam concentration. Overcome 6G radar antenna, easy to block,

       has the disadvantages of large size, large emission angle, inaccurate measurement and short measurement distance.

Should be used:   the best choice for bulk level measurement, suitable for large range, high dust, high

      Measurement of temperature and low dielectric constant medium.

Maximum range:  70m

Measurement accuracy:  ±15mm

Antenna material:  (T type) stainless steel 316L horn/PTFE vibrator

      (V type) stainless steel 316L/PTFE vibrator

      (W type) stainless steel 316L/PTFE vibrator

Antenna structure:   (T type) pointed cone vibrator, poor anti-condensation

      (V type) cone vibrator, anti-condensation

       (W type) parabolic antenna, 4 degree opening angle

Process temperature:  (T type)(-40200)°C

      (V type)(-40200)°C

      (W type)(-40200)°C 

Process pressure:  (T type)(-0.14)MPa

      (V type)(-0.10.3)MPa

      (W type)(-0.14)MPa

Frequency range:  26GHz

Signal output:  (420)mA/HART

Electric source:  Two-wire system/four-wire system


Detailed introduction:



P Standard type (non-explosion-proof)

I Intrinsically safe type (Exia IIC T6)

C Intrinsically safe type + marine license (in preparation)

G Intrinsically safe type + flameproof type (Exd [ia]ia IIC T6)

Antenna type/material

B (T type) horn antenna Φ48mm/stainless steel 316L

C (T type) horn antenna Φ78mm/stainless steel 316L

H (T type) horn antenna Φ98mm/stainless steel 316L

I (T type) horn antenna Φ98mm (extended)/stainless steel 316L

J (T type) Horn antennaΦ123mm/Stainless steel 316L

K (S type) horn antenna Φ98mm/PP/with PTFE cover

L (S type) horn antenna Φ98mm (extended)/PP/PTFE cover

M (V type) horn antenna Φ98mm/stainless steel 316L/PTFE cover

N (V type) horn antenna Φ98mm (extended)/stainless steel 316L/PTFE cover

P (V type) horn antenna Φ123mm/stainless steel 316L/PTFE cover

Q (W type) parabolic antenna Φ195mm/stainless steel 316L

R (W type) parabolic antenna Φ246mm/stainless steel 316L

X Special customization

Process connection/material

GP (H) thread G1½A/Stainless steel 316L

GA (H) thread 1½NPT/stainless steel 316L

GB (G) thread G1½A/PP

GC (J) thread G1½A/stainless steel 316L/temperature (-60250)

GD (K) thread G1½A/stainless steel 316L/temperature (-60400), pressure 40MPa

GE (I) thread G1½A/stainless steel 316L (with purge)

GX special customization

Sealing/process temperature

2 Viton(-60150)

3 Kalrez(-60250)

4 Graphite (-60400)

Electronic components

B (420)mA/HART two-wire system

C (420)mA/(22.826.4)V DC /HART two-wire/four-wire system

D (198242)V AC/HART four-wire system

Enclosure rating

A Aluminum/IP67

B Plastic/IP66

D Aluminum two-chamber/IP67

G Stainless steel 316L/IP67

Cable entry

M M20x1.5


On-site display/programming

A belt

X without

Note: Intrinsically safe type (Exia IIC T6) can only use "B" electronic components and "A" type shell; intrinsic safety + marine license (Exia IIC T6)

    Only use "B" electronic components and "G" shell; intrinsically safe + flameproof (Exd [ia]ia IIC T6) only use "C" "D"

    Electronic components and "D" shell; Standard flange size refers to GB/T9119-2000 PN1.6MPa size, thickness is 15.

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